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Reagan's Nursery


Now that Reagan is just about 2 months old (oops!), I thought it was about time for a little tour of her nursery. I love Reagan's nursery. There are still a few things I want to change and some things I want to add, but overall I'm calling it finished.

One of my favorite parts is this collage wall. I bought most of the frames at thrift stores or Ikea and spray painted them white. I wanted to have pictures of our parents and their parents on the wall so that Reagan would know where she came from, and all of the people who love her. I still have some pictures to add, but I haven't printed them quite yet. I made the "R" out of buttons, and designed the name poster. Jordan helped me make the bow holder, out of the extra knobs I had from her dresser. She is always staring up at the pictures while we change her diaper. I think she likes it.

You have already seen the rocking chair, but we did add the ottoman. We bought this one and dyed it yellow! The yellow matches the piping perfectly and the ottoman magically fits right under the nightstand next to the chair so it doesn't have to be out in the middle of the room all the time.

Reagan has a lot of special blankets, but two that I especially love are this one that I made and the crocheted one that my cousin Addie made for Reagan.

You have also already seen her dresser, but now all of the drawers are organized and full of cute baby clothes.

Don't you just love baby shoes?! She has quite a few pairs for not even being able to walk. I'm still working on her book collection, but we are slowly getting there. I went through all of my books this weekend while we were in Colorado, and picked out my favorites. Those favorites will be joining our collection in a few weeks.

I still love the paint chip mobile, that I blogged about here. And the flag bunting that is hanging on her window and the mirror were from her baby shower.

And there you have it, a peek into Reagan's nursery! Hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. Everything is so cute! I love it!!

  2. So so cute!! I love having a basket on top of the changing table for diapers/wipes. Where did you get the drawer organizers?

  3. That looks so wonderful.

    And lemme tell ya, three years later and I STILL love looking in Aspen's drawers and seeing all her cute clothes. It makes doing laundry fun.


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