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Third Anniversary


This week Jordan and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. This last year was a pretty big one for us. We finished school, got a job, student taught, bought a car, took trips to San Francisco and Hawaii, and had a baby (to name a few of the big ones...)!

Jordan is such a wonderful person and I love him more and more everyday. He is so kind and generous and always thinks of our needs and tries to make me happy. He is always agreeable and fun to be around, which are among his most attractive qualities. He is by far the best husband and now father! And I haven't even mentioned how he is with Reagan. He is the perfect dad.

We celebrated last night with a trip to The Melting Pot. I think we are still in a minor food coma. It was delicious! Seriously, WOW! My favorite part by far was the dessert. Holy cow, that stuff was so delicious. We will for sure be going there again, just for the dessert (maybe Progressive Dinner Date... with no budget restrictions).

I'm excited that I get to be with Jordan forever, with lots more anniversaries, babies, cars, houses, trips, jobs, good times, etc... in our future.


  1. Yumm! Your meat looks a little more gourmet than ours did :) That's funny that you say food coma because we were talking about how it left us feeling so perfectly content and not overly full. But we didn't get dessert which probably helped with the "food coma" :) Happy anniversary!!

  2. YUM! We went there for our first anniversary. So fun, but I wouldn't recommend the white chocolate for dessert.

    Congrats on three years, you guys! How awesome!


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