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Relief Society Broadcast


Last night my mother-in-law and I headed up to Salt Lake. I think all of downtown was filled with women in skirts. We were all going to the General Relief Society Broadcast at the Conference Center.

I always forget how HUGE that place is. Whenever I see it on TV, I think, "Hmmm, there sure are a lot of people there." But when you're actually there, sheesh! It's even bigger than it looks on TV. It really is amazing to be there.

Sometimes when I'm at the Conference Center (usually because I'm sitting in the Balcony), I will find myself just watching the speakers on the huge screens. And I forget that they are actually speaking right in front of me. And then I have to remind myself that I'm actually in the same room as the prophet!

My ultimate favorite part about being at the Conference Center every time is the music. Singing with 21,000 other people is really neat. Last night the music sounded especially wonderful. And besides the music, the talks were also wonderful. I heard so many messages that I so needed to hear last night.

My last few wards have had quite the age range in Relief Society. I think that is one of the best parts about the Relief Society. Where else can I go, for an hour each week, to learn from experienced women and mothers? And let's be honest, I can use all of the advice I can get! I'm thankful to be a part of such a neat society.

If you would like to hear or read the messages I heard last night, click here.

How to Make the World's Best Smoothie

Jordan and I have become a little obsessed with this the past few weeks. We have one just about every night before bed. It is so so yummy. I've never really been a big Peanut Butter fan (unless it was somehow associated with chocolate: Reese's), but I recently tried Almond Butter, and man oh man! I love that stuff. I don't think I will ever go back to regular Peanut Butter. Almond Butter is SO much better. Try it out! I dare you. Make this smoothie, and see if you can't have one every. single. night.

Go Cougars!


^^Game Face. You want a piece of me? Seriously, you better believe I'm a Cougar fan.^^

^^Just kidding, I really am friendly.^^

^^And I'm excited to sleep through the whole BYU game tonight (because it's way past my bed time)^^

^^I really hope we win. Go Cougs!^^

Fun Finds


Rainbow from our walk to get the mail the other night. Plus those beautiful mountains that are the backdrop of our town.

-I could not read this all the way through without stopping for air, because I was laughing so hard. PLEASE READ.

-This, also hilarious. Please watch.

-This, not hilarious, but heartwarming. Also, please watch.

-A silly new font

-And lastly, I kind of wish I was a paper artist, so I could make beautiful things like this...

Happy Weekend!

Jordan's 27


Yesterday was Jordan's birthday! It started with breakfast in bed, a Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake surprise at lunch, and ended with Benihana and a walk around Salt Lake. (We love Benihana, it's my favorite birthday tradition, plus the $30 birthday gift certificate is wonderful!)

Jordan is amazing. I am so happy that I snatched him up when I did. He is my best friend, and my life wouldn't be the same without him! Happy Birthday babe! I love you!



Yesterday Reagan and I went out to play in the grass and enjoy the sunshine while it's still around. She likes to be outside and the change of scenery always calms her down if she's fussy. She does not like idleness. It's like she's saying, "Come on Mom, get up and be productive! Let's go somewhere or do something." Sometimes it makes for pretty tiring days! Occasionally, I just want to sit and relax a little bit. So this little break in the grass was nice for both of us. She was outside, somewhere new, and I got to sit and relax.

^^She seems to think that rolling might be fun to try. She will roll to both of her sides, but not all the way over yet.^^

^^She's usually pretty good with bows, but sometimes, she pulls them down over her eyes, and then they get taken off.^^

^^We even did some tummy time while we were outside. She's getting SO good at holding herself up. She can't do it for very long but she is getting better and better everyday! P.S. I love her face in that last picture. Such concentration. What a funny girl.^^
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