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Around our house


This morning while Reagan was snoozing, I walked around and snapped a few pictures of our apartment. When we moved here, I felt a little bit defeated by our lousy housing search, and told myself that this place wasn't going to be permanent, and that I didn't need to get attached or expect very much out of it. It was just temporary, until we found our house. And that still is true, but just recently I have realized that it really feels like home. I like it here and I'm happy. It was one of those "home is where ever I'm with you" kind of things I guess. And I also realized that a house (or apartment) is just a place where you store all of your stuff, but it's also a place where things happen. Where you bring your baby home from the hospital, where you cuddle and watch movies on the couch, or where you make dinner together. And it doesn't really matter where that is, or whether you're renting it or own it, just as long as you have it.


  1. I needed to read this today. Feeling discouraged about our housing situation.. it's good to remember "Home is where ever I'm with you" :) Also your apartment is so cute!

  2. I love your letters!!! I'm assuming you added the maps (so cute), but where did you find the letters themselves?

  3. Those letters are awesome! I'm also interested in where you got the actual letters. They don't look the same as the ones I've seen at JoAnns.


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