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Drive-Ins: Slacker's | Torrey, Utah


We went to our 8th Drive-in over Labor Day weekend. Torrey is pretty much in the complete middle of nowhere, so we figured that since we were already headed down to Zion's and not in any kind of hurry, we would wander over to Slacker's for some dinner on the road. Evan and Amanda were with us and they humored me and my crazy ideas and let us take the 2 hour detour. I think we all loved it so it was totally worth it. The food was delicious.

Jordan and I got a bacon burger with sweet potato fries, and fried green beans on the side. We also got a cookie dough milkshake. Evan and Amanda were much more adventurous, and got a blue cheese burger and a mushroom swiss burger, with a fudge brownie shake and a snickers shake for the road. (I had some of the snickers shake, it was divine).

Pardon the dirty road trip look below, but I want to remember more than just what the food looked like...

It was a great little road trip stop, and I'm glad we went. If I ever just happen to be in Torrey again (doubtful), or visiting Bryce Canyon or Capital Reef National Parks (more likely) I will go to Slacker's again.

Other diners we've visited:
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Reed's Drive-In | Nephi, Utah
Milt's Stop & Eat | Moab, UT
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Dairy Delight | Tooele, UT

2 diners (on the list) to go!


  1. This is such a great idea! Love it! and the food looks delish!

  2. Looks delicious and Reagan is getting so big!


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