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Labor Day 2013 | Zion Nation Park


We spent the last few days hiking around beautiful Zion National Park. I had never been before and had been dying to go, so earlier this year we decided that we would go for Labor Day weekend. Labor Day Weekend finally arrived and we headed out of town. We swung by Provo on our way and picked up my cousin Amanda and her new husband Evan, so they could join us, and my aunt Pam, and uncle Mitch, who drove up from Phoenix, for our weekend of fun.

^^We stayed at the Cable Mountain Lodge, which was seriously SO awesome. It is literally like 25 feet away from the Park. And check out the view! ^^

On Friday, we hiked the Narrows, which was my favorite part of the weekend. I was shocked at how fun it was, and that I had never been before. I LOVED it.

^^Nature's very own hiking stick rental^^

^^Reagan was such a great little hiker all weekend long. She just hung out in her Baby Bjorn, and would look around at what was going on, or if she got tired from all of the strenuous activity, she would take a nap.^^

^^It rained every afternoon that we were there, so the water was pretty brown, compared to other times of year, but that didn't really detract from how beautiful it was.^^

^^Seriously breathtaking. I can't wait to go again.^^

^^Reagan got a turn dipping her feet in the river. I thought she was going to scream, but she actually didn't. She was just shocked at first and then didn't really mind it.^^

^^"You're taking me where? To do what?" "Oh, ok! Let's go! I love hiking!"^^

The Narrows was so much fun. If you haven't done it, I would definitely recommend that you head down to Zion's stat and do this hike. You wont regret it. After our long day of hiking, we ordered Pizza for dinner from Zion Pizza & Noodle Co. It definitely hit the spot.

The next day we hiked up to Hidden Canyon, which was also a great hike. I got very paranoid on this one though, because we were on the edge of a cliff, holding on to a chain, and Reagan was just in the Baby Bjorn. The whole idea just about made me sick, but it was still a really neat hike, and I'm glad we did it. That night we went to the Whiptail Grill for dinner, and walked around Springdale a little bit.

And then this morning we hiked up to Emerald Pools. The lower pool wasn't very emeraldy though because of all of the rain. The middle pool was though, and then we skipped the upper one, because this hike was way crowded, and we were ready for some lunch. We went to the Flying Monkey, which was SO delicious. And that's where we ended our trip. It was such a great little vacation! We had so much fun spending time with Amanda, Evan, Pam, and Mitch, Reagan was awesome, and I loved Zion's. It couldn't have been any better!


  1. I'm so impressed with how you guys just take Reagan everywhere!

  2. we love cable mountain lodge! GORGEOUS photos!!!

  3. I agree with Brittany! Way to go out and do fun things. I know a lot of people get overwhelmed by being new parents, and their social life is the first thing to go, but I'm glad you're still making fun memories and raising an outdoors-loving daughter!


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