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My Pregnancy Favs


Before I forget everything about being pregnant, I wanted to write down some of my pregnancy favs. This is mostly just for me, so I can remember what I liked while I was pregnant. I wonder if the things I liked this time around will be the same for future pregnancies, or if they will totally change.

1. SHEA BUTTER // I liked shea butter. Not because it saved me from getting any stretch marks (I've got plenty!), but because it helped my stretching skin to not feel so dry and itchy. I didn't use it everyday, but maybe once or twice a week.

2. PRENATAL VITAMINS // These were my favorite kinds. I like them because they are cheap, don't taste like anything, and make my hair grow crazy fast (I'm sure most prenatal vitamins do). Even after trying lots of samples from my Doctor, I still went back to these.

3. FIBER GUMMIES // While I was pregnant, sometimes I just needed a little extra help. Enough said. These were my favorites. They totally taste like real gummy candies.

4. RUCHED T-SHIRTS // I lived in these. I had a few long sleeved ones, a few 3/4 length ones, and then a few short sleeved ones. I liked that they lasted my whole pregnancy; the ruched sides allowed them to stretch with my growing belly. I bought most of them at either Motherhood or Old Navy.

5. MAXI SKIRTS // I also lived in these. This was my pregnancy uniform. Maxi skirts felt like I was wearing sweat pants, but allowed me to not look like a slob. (Side note: I also wore pants occasionally, but not very often. One time I went to look at houses with our Realtor, like I was doing about 3-4 times a week while I was pregnant, and this particular time I was wearing pants, and our realtor said, "Oh! You're not wearing a skirt!" That's how much I wore my maxi skirts.)

6. HALF TEES // I used to think these were the stupidest things. And then I got pregnant and hated anything touching my stomach. I couldn't wear my shade tank tops anymore, so I switched to these. They're wonderful, but a little bit expensive for what you're getting: half a shirt. (P.S. They are SUPER good for nursing too)

7. FOLD OVER SKIRTS // Once it started getting hot outside, those maxis didn't really cut it anymore, so I switched to these skirts. SO nice for hot weather. And again, super comfortable.

8. SLEEP // I'm not sure if this will be possible with future pregnancies, but sleeping in REALLY helped me to get over that awful morning sickness. The extra rest definitely helped.

9. BATH // I've always preferred baths to showers and they have almost become a form of comfort in my life. If I don't feel good I want to take a bath, if I want to relax I take a bath, if I can't sleep I take a bath... You get the picture. I didn't feel good for a large part of my pregnancy, so I took LOTS of baths. Sometimes, multiple times a day.

10. OVER EASY EGG // Almost every morning I would have an over easy egg on toast or an english muffin. I thought that the extra protein from the egg was good for the baby, and it tasted so yummy.

11. PINEAPPLE // During my pregnancy, I really craved fruit. I tried to eat a lot of fruit, especially since most vegetables gave me heart burn. Pineapple is my favorite.

12. CHICK-FIL-A // I have always loved Chick-fil-a, but I justified eating here a lot more while I was pregnant because of the protein in the chicken. It was also a definite comfort food. I think sometimes I would eat here 3 or more times a week :)

And there you have it! A few of my pregnancy favorites!


  1. Love this. I love ruched shirts, I need to get some long sleeve ones and 3/4 sleeves. Mmm. Chick-fila! :)

  2. I never thought of the half-shirt thing. Genious! Those are totally in style now too so maybe they can be found for cheaper? Love this post :)


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