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Three Months Old


Reagan is three months old today! She is such a joy, and brings so much happiness to my life! She loves to smile and talk, which is a new development in the last month. She will blabber away at you if you are blabbering right back at her.

She constantly is trying to suck on her fingers, which drives this momma crazy! But we're working on that one.

Reagan still fights sleep as much as she can, she hates napping.

She pretty consistently sleeps 5 hours at a time at night, sometimes 6, or even 7 (ok, just 7 hours once, but it was wonderful!).

She is getting chunkier, and chunkier, and her thighs show it.

Her hair is falling out a little bit on top. I like to call it Infant Pattern Baldness.

And speaking of her hair, it is getting darker, and so are her eyes.

She is a beautiful, little person, who I love having around.

And a few more little details.... just for fun:


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