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Halloween 2013


Jordan and I aren't very big Halloween fans. Usually the extent of our Halloween celebrations includes two parties, one at our church (trunk-or-treat), and one with friends (past party with friends here). We aren't very good with costumes either. This year I wanted Halloween to be really easy, so our costumes were skeleton t-shirts found online with a skeleton costume for Reagan from Target. Last night was the friend Halloween Party. There was yummy food, good costumes, cute babies and pumpkin carving. We had a great time.

^^There was even some homemade root beer! Yum!^^

^^Since it was clearly the year of the skeleton for us, we decide to carve skeleton pumpkins.^^

And there you have it. Halloween 2013 is basically over for me, four days before Halloween has even happened. I will still be eating lot of candy this week though, I wont forget about that... ;)

In which I get published

Today I took a little trip to Barnes & Noble. To buy a magazine.

What magazine did I want to buy? Well, not just any magazine. And not even a magazine that fits my demographics in the slightest. But probably the opposite. I wanted to buy a magazine that specifically targets "the fashionable man, who knows how to indulge."

Esquire's, The Big Black Book, which comes out twice a year, and is a style manual for successful men, is what I wanted to buy. I wanted this particular edition, for an article found on page 72: The Anti-Road Trip.

This article outlines three road trips, in all different parts of the country, and suggests places to eat and stay along the way. The third trip is in the Southwest....

...particularly, right where I live!

But upon closer examination, you will note that it suggests, that one might want to go to Milt's Stop n'Eat in Moab.

And will you take a look at that?! It even includes a picture of ol' Milts Stop n'Eat.

And wouldn't you be even more surprised to know that picture was taken by ME!? On page 76 of Esquire's Fall/ Winter 2013 Big Black Book I was published! And couldn't have been more thrilled.

And even though you might need a magnifying glass to actually see the picture (because it is rather small), it is still there, in that magazine, that I purchased, and have been waiting to buy since June.

The week Reagan was born, I was contacted by a photo researcher from Esquire asking me if my images from Milt's were available for publication. I actually wasn't super familiar with Esquire, but good thing my mom just happened to be in town, and told me that it is a legit magazine and that this would be a really neat opportunity. So I hurried and emailed him back and said YES YES YES X1000 (but in a more professional way). Then I started waiting. And today I bought the magazine.

I always thought that it would be super awesome to be published. But since I am not known for my stupendous writing skills, I thought it would never happen. And even though this was the case, it was still secretly on my lifetime To-Do list. Little did I know, when it was added to that list, that when it happened, it wouldn't be for writing but for photography! Which I just so happen to LOVE a thousand times more than writing anyway! So today, I am checking this one off my lifetime list, and hoping it wont be the last!

The Fall


Last Fall was not a good Fall. I was sicker than a dog (pregnancy sickness... blah!) , hating life, hating student teaching, wanting to find a house....etc. Nothing seemed to go my way. I am usually a lover of Fall. I am usually more than ready to pull out my cardigans and sweaters. Not last year. I just wanted Fall to end. I wanted to be done with school. I wanted to not be sick anymore. I wanted snow and Christmas. I just wanted to skip Fall.

This year, however, is another story. This Fall, I get to reap the rewards of my sickness last Fall. I get to spend time with my Reagan. Everyday! I'm excited about the colorful leaves I see. I am excited to wear my sweaters. I do not want to skip Fall. I do not want snow or Christmas (yet).

I'm glad that my life started over this Fall. And I think I'll just try to forget about last Fall.

My Sleeping Baby Favs


I know that every parent has their own opinions about everything under the sun, but that ultimately it is up you, to make your own judgements, and to parent your children how you choose. I also know that children change A LOT! Especially babies, as they are growing and developing very quickly. With that in mind, I know that some things that work for one baby might not work for all babies. Even though this is the case, I still thought I'd share with you what is currently working for us to get our baby to sleep.

1. SwaddleMe (Stage 2) Swaddle Blankets // We didn't start using these until recently, but they have totally changed our lives! Reagan can't sleep unless she's swaddled. If she's not swaddled, she will rub her face or knock her binky out of her mouth, overall just wake herself up with her hands/ arms. Before we had these SwaddleMe wraps we just used blankets to swaddle her, but she would ALWAYS get out. She sometimes still gets her arms out of these, but it isn't very often. They really help her sleep. Plus, I like that her feet are contained but loose in the bottom of the bag, so her toes stay warm, but she has a little bit of wiggle room.

2. Fleece Blanket // Now that it's getting a bit cold outside (and inside), we usually wrap her up in a fleece blanket after we wrap her in the SwaddleMe. The extra layer makes me feel comfortable knowing that she wont freeze. The one that we use we received as a gift, but any blanket would work really.

3. Binky // This is a necessity in getting Reagan to fall asleep. It is almost impossible to get her to sleep without one. I think these are her favorites, but she isn't too picky. I have noticed that she likes the soft rubbery plastic binkys better than the hard plastic ones though. We just opened the 3-6 month binkys but are still using the 0-3 month ones as well. When she actually falls asleep, she usually spits out the binky and that's when we know, she's REALLY asleep.

4. Sound Machine // When Reagan was born our pediatrician told us that the key to her happiness in these first few months would be white noise and swaddling. We didn't really take his advice at first, but have learned our lesson and corrected our ways. We have this sound machine, and love it. It was the perfect price ($15) and does everything we need it to. We really only use the white noise setting, but it's nice that there are other options, if someday we want to use them. It's also nice that it has an auto-off setting. We don't currently use it, but again, it is nice that if we wanted to, we could use it. Right now, we just leave it on all night, because I heard that white noise might help prevent SIDS. White noise really calms Reagan down, and usually puts her right to sleep.

5. Babywise // My parents call this the Baby Bible. I didn't read it until Reagan was 2 months old, and I really wish I would have read it earlier. The basic premiss of the whole book is feed/ wake/ sleep, which isn't usually the natural cycle for a baby. The book suggests that you feed the baby right when they wake up, then keep them awake for a while, and then put them down for a nap. It rocks. Ultimately, it has helped Reagan to sleep through the night.

6. Hat // We took a birthing class and the nurse who taught it said that when she used to work in a newborn nursery her trick to help babies sleep was a hat pulled about halfway over the baby's eyes. It makes it a little bit darker for them, and keeps them warm, both of which help babies to sleep. I also like it because when I put Reagan's hat on, it's almost like she knows it's time to sleep.

7. Baby Monitor // I love this thing. We have the camera set up by Reagan's crib and I can carry the monitor around with me where ever I am in the house and see how she is doing while she naps. I really like that it has Night Vision, so I can see her while she's sleeping in the night and I really like that it has two-way communication, so I can talk to her if I need to. Oh and one more thing, I really that it is expandable up to 4 cameras, for our future babies.

8. Bouncy Chair // If Reagan is really freaking out, and I can tell that she is really tired, but wont calm down, I will swaddle her, give her a binky, turn on some white noise, and put her in the bouncy chair with the vibration on, while I simultaneously bounce her. It is like the quadruple threat, and usually makes her fall asleep within minutes. Then, after she falls asleep, I carefully transfer her to the crib. We don't do this every time she needs to go to bed, only when we need some reinforcements.

And that is what currently works for us! I'm sure in like a month it will be different, but here, at 4 months, this is what we are loving!

My family came to town...


My family came to town this weekend. It was sooooo nice having them here. I feel like every time my parents are in town my mom just takes care of me, and makes sure that we have everything that we need. From clothes for Reagan to mascara for me, it's just so nice have some of those extra things that I might not have bought for myself right away.

It's also fun to have them in town because we get to enjoy some of our favorite foods. We went a little bit overboard this weekend eating out, but it sure was tasty! (They actually got into town on Wednesday, so maybe it's not that bad...) One thing that I have learned from my mom, and really try to do, when I am in a new place, or just away from home, is eat at restaurants that I can't have at home. My family sure did that this weekend. We had: WaffleLuv, Lonestar Taqueria, Pizzeria Limone, The Pizza Factory, Hires, Ritas, La Costa, some more Doissants, and Panda Express (not too exciting or local, but still worth documenting...).

Another thing my mom likes to do when she's in Utah is buy bread. Let me tell you something: Utah has superb bread. Grandma Sycamore's is the best. My mom goes to Costco and buys the maximum amount that will fit in their car for the ride home. This time around it was 38 loaves.

Also this weekend, my dad, Jordan, and I left the bambino with grandma and we went to see the new Jerusalem movie in 3-D at the Thanksgiving Point IMAX. I loved every minute of it. In fact, I wish that it would have been twice as long, at least, if not longer.

Overall, I'm not sure this weekend could have been any better.



Oh, Netflix. When we moved, in May, we decided that instead of paying for cable, we would just get Netflix. So we ran over to Best Buy and bought an Apple TV. Seriously great purchase! But since then, I think I have watched all of television. All. of. it. Yikes! I think I used to be a pretty minimal TV watcher, but now... I don't think I can say that. Since I have spent my fare share of time on Netflix, I thought I would offer some of my thoughts about a few of the shows I have spent my days watching.

TOP PRIORITY: Downton was the first show I wanted to watch. I had heard lots of hype about this show, and wanted to see what it was all about. I watched Season 1 on Netflix, Season 2 on our free trial of Hulu, and Season 3 on some sketchy website online. Addicted. Can't wait for the next season, and sad that Amazon Prime has the streaming rights, not Netflix...

FAVORITE: Once Upon a Time, has definitely been my favorite Netflix show. I seriously love it. I find it very entertaining, and I love that it isn't too predictable. I like how all of the stories intertwine. Some might say that it is a bit cheesy at times, but I think it is perfect.

FUNNIEST: We kind of just stumbled upon Better off Ted on accident, but it is definitely one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. It is hilarious. I think my favorite part about this show, unlike most shows, is that it doesn't really matter what order you watch the episodes in. Jordan got a little bit ahead of me and it didn't matter. I would watch with him, where he was, and then watch the ones he had already seen later. I would jump between seasons, jump out of episode order, didn't matter. Each episode stands alone. So that it great, but more important than that, it is SOOOO funny. Please watch.

NOT-MY-STYLE (BUT STILL GREAT): I definitely would not have sat down and chosen to watch this show. Jordan started watching it and I would listen in while I worked on the computer. After a few episodes though, I was wrapped into the stories and characters, so much that I had to start watching with him. We just barely finished watching Season 5, and we are both having "FNL" (as we saw some cool people call it on IMBD) withdrawals. And one added bonus of this show: after we'd finish watching, I would end up talking and thinking in a Texas accent for a few hours.

MEDICAL:  I'm still on the fence about this show, it gives me anxiety, but the anxiety aside, this is my new medical show. I feel like you always have a medical show. When I was growing up my mom watched E.R. I think Grey's Anatomy could be my E.R. I'm still in the middle of Season 1, and haven't totally gotten into it like I have other shows, but I'm not giving up yet.

JORDAN'S FIRST NETFLIX SHOW: I have a hard time with this show. It was the first show that Jordan watched on Netflix. He started (and finished) watching it right after Reagan was born (and my emotions were all postpartum fragile), and some of the episodes made me feel uncomfortable and self-conscience about my new post-baby body. But I'm not sure if I would still feel like that if he were watching it now. The other reason why this show was really hard for me to watch, was because I hate Don Draper. How can you watch a show where you don't respect or care about the main character? Besides all of these things, it is definitely entertaining (and the clothes are obviously great).

BEST SOUNDTRACK: Duh. I'm also sort of on the fence about this show, but the songs seriously give me the chills sometimes, as cheesy as that sounds. Plus, I really like how they sing all genres. After watching, I loved when I'd be in the car, listening to the radio and like every 3rd song was sung on Glee. That is neat. I'm only in the middle of Season 2, and again, am not totally hooked, and haven't watched any recently, but haven't completely given up.

SHORTEST EPISODS: I like this show because if I don't have very much time to really invest like 45-60 minutes on a show (like Once Upon a Time), I can sit down and watch one episode in about 20 minutes. That's great. Fast, funny, enjoyable.

WISH I COULD GET INTO: This is the show that we've really tried to get into a few times, but for some reason, we just can't get into it. I think some shows just take time to get in to, or the first few episodes aren't the best. I'm not positive, but this might be one of those shows.

A few other favorites include New Girl and The Office. Although I am not 100% into them, I am giving them a chance.

What are your favorite Netflix shows? Any recommendations? Any thoughts about the shows I mentioned above?
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