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A few pictures from our weekend...


Yesterday we went down to Provo for the BYU Homecoming Parade, and to see our friends, the Harpers. We had a great time being in Provo, going up to campus, and reminiscing about our BYU days. I sure love that campus, and that beautiful Y Mountain.

After the parade and a trip up to the Bookstore, we stopped at J Dawgs, and then headed over to JCW. Talk about good food overload.

Before we headed home that afternoon, we drove the Alpine Loop. SO MANY ASPEN TREES. Wow. I always forget how many there are. It was beautiful and I loved seeing all of the beautiful Fall colors.

This might be T.M.I. but I have to record this event: Reagan had a huge blow out while we were driving the Alpine Loop and we only had 1 wipe. ONE! I thought we had another package in the diaper bag but we didn't! We stopped to change her at the very top and luckily a lady with a cute baby just happened to walk by, so I asked her if she could spare a few wipes for a blow out. Haha. Bless that woman! I'm not sure what we would have done without her kind wipe sharing. I'm afraid that the Alpine Loop might forever be named the Poop Loop in our family just because of this incident. Despite the blowout, we still had a really good time.


  1. The poop loop! LOL. So glad you guys came, I think we have the best spot to watch the parade - our pictures look almost identical with the Y above the marching band. It is such a beautiful sight!

  2. Baha! That story is just too good! I can't even tell you the number of times I've been caught without a diaper or wipes--so embarrassing! Thank goodness for nice moms who **hopefully** don't judge too much! Haha. The pictures of all the leaves are just gorgeous!

  3. very colorfully clean atmosphere...what a story ....and the leaves are so beautiful!


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