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When I take pictures on my iphone I almost always edit them in Afterlight before posting them on Instagram. Afterlight has a feature that allows me to turn my images into letters. So, a few months ago I started a little project on Instagram. I try to find things that correspond with letters of the alphabet, and take pictures of them with my phone. I made up a few rules for my little project, which were 1) that I didn't want to use pictures I had already taken (so the picture for each letter was taken in the order that they appear), 2) the pictures had to be taken with my phone, 3) no two food pictures in a row (I could very easily find a food for every letter I think...) and 4) the word that the letter represented couldn't be too complicated. I don't want them to be very complicated because when I finish the whole alphabet, I want to put them all together, and print it out as a poster to hang in Reagan's room. Some letters have been a little bit challenging but overall this has been a really fun project.

And now a few outtakes from this little project:

Stay tuned for the finished product...


  1. I reallllly love this, especially the idea of printing it out into a poster :) You are beyond creative! Also, is the outtake for J jalepenos?

  2. I think this is such a fun project! How do you always come up with the cutest projects? Send some my way!! :)

  3. This is awesome, I would have never thought to do something like this.

    Can't wait to see the finished product.


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