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Today between sessions of General Conference, we took a little walk to our local grocery store, Dan's. We saw a sign the other day advertising doissants, and were very curious. A doissant is half donut, half croissant, just like the cronut, but with the opposite name. I have been seeing lots of people talk about cronuts lately, so we wanted to see what all the hype was about.

^^Here's what the hype is all about. SOOoooo yummy! I'm sad they only sell them on Saturdays... Want to try one? Come pay us a little visit some Saturday morning in the near future and we will blow your pastry minds. Really. Come visit, it'll be worth it!^^

And I swear today was a perfect Fall day for a little walk. The air was cool, but the sun was warm. Reagan was in a good mood, and the doissant was a great little general conference treat. They are delicious!

^^I'm a little bit obsessed with these baby Uggs I found at the thrift store a few months ago. I'm so excited that they fit her, and it's the right season to wear them. Baby clothes/ shoes are risky business, you're never quite sure how fast or slow babies are going to jump between sizes, but these were a baby shoe success.^^

^^Does it get any cuter? Maybe I'm biased. But seriously... She's so precious.^^


  1. Omg baby uggs so cute!! You should bring doissants to the parade on Saturday!

  2. Love the baby Ugg's! (And the baby girl!!!!). So cute!

  3. Those look delicious!
    I might have to make a cross country trip to this Dan's.

    And those baby Uggs, afreakindorable!

  4. No way, they have these in Utah?! You are amazing for blogging about it. I can't wait to go try them out!!


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