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Four Months Old


She sleeps in her crib now. And just about sleeps through the night. Lately, she'll take a little nap around 9, wake up around 10 or 11 to eat, and then go back to sleep until about 4 or 5.

She spends a lot of time on her side. She has rolled over on occasion, but doesn't like to do it very often. But she rolls on to her side a lot, and can't quite figure out how to make it all the way over. I'm not complaining though, and am still enjoying the immobility.

She's starting to outgrow a lot of clothes. Most of her 0-3 month jammies are getting pretty tight, and her pants are getting very short.

She found her voice, and uses it a lot. Sometimes she will tell you really long stories.

Everyone comments on her eyes or lips. Her eyes are really dark blue on the edges, and light blue in the middle. And they're pretty big. And so are her lips. She sure has luscious lips. Lately, she has been sucking on her lower lip a lot. Oh, and she has started sticking out her tongue a bit.

She loves her bumbo, and is getting pretty good at sitting up with a bit of help.

She is still really expressive. She kept crossing her feet by herself while I was taking her pictures. I thought it was really cute.

And if this next pictures isn't the cutest picture you've ever seen in your whole life, I'm not sure what is...


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