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General Conference


I didn't sit and watch Conference with Photoshop open (nor did I even make these in Photoshop...), but I did take a few notes while I watched and then tonight, turned some of my favorite quotes into graphics. This weekend sure was edifying.

Lately I feel like conference goes by too fast. During the Sunday afternoon session, I always find myself thinking, "Really? It's over already? Did I pay enough attention? Did I get enough out of it this time around? Did I hear what I needed to hear? And were my questions answered?"

I'm thankful for modern revelation, and for latter-day prophets, apostles, and other church leaders who can deliver the messages we need to hear to navigate our way through this rough world.


  1. These are so cute :) Do you use Rhonna? I also feel like GC goes way too fast and takes on a whole new meaning when listening as a wife and mother.

  2. No I made them in Illustrator.


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