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Halloween 2013


Jordan and I aren't very big Halloween fans. Usually the extent of our Halloween celebrations includes two parties, one at our church (trunk-or-treat), and one with friends (past party with friends here). We aren't very good with costumes either. This year I wanted Halloween to be really easy, so our costumes were skeleton t-shirts found online with a skeleton costume for Reagan from Target. Last night was the friend Halloween Party. There was yummy food, good costumes, cute babies and pumpkin carving. We had a great time.

^^There was even some homemade root beer! Yum!^^

^^Since it was clearly the year of the skeleton for us, we decide to carve skeleton pumpkins.^^

And there you have it. Halloween 2013 is basically over for me, four days before Halloween has even happened. I will still be eating lot of candy this week though, I wont forget about that... ;)


  1. I love the picture of Reagan with Jordan in the background! Your hair looks fabulous - I know it is old news but worth mentioning :)

  2. Love love love your costumes! :) so sweet! And reagan is adorable!

  3. you guys are amazing and how cute do jared, jessica and phoebe look?!

  4. so much fun. i'm not the biggest halloween celebrator ever, but this year we went to two parties, big deal. haha.

    you guys are cute.


  5. Everyone's costumes look SO great! I've never known so many people who don't care for Halloween, it's an abomination to me haha! But you did an awesome job on your pumpkins, I love it!

  6. I love Reagan's costume! She is adorable! I love that you kept it nice and simple! Sounds like my kind of party!

  7. One, Claire's comment is funny! Haha. But two, and probably more importantly is that Reagan looks stinking adorable! I can not believe how fast she is growing up! It's funny because some blogging babies/instagram babies that I follow seem to grow up kind of slow compared to how fast I feel like Holland is growing up but dang Reagan is growing up fast! I'm sure you feel that way! She seriously is the cutest and just looks like she has so much personality! Babies are fun! And they do make all the holidays {even the ones you aren't that big of a fan of} much more fun!

  8. What a cute party, love the costumes and your friends dressed as the Flintstone's look awesome.


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