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In which I get published

Today I took a little trip to Barnes & Noble. To buy a magazine.

What magazine did I want to buy? Well, not just any magazine. And not even a magazine that fits my demographics in the slightest. But probably the opposite. I wanted to buy a magazine that specifically targets "the fashionable man, who knows how to indulge."

Esquire's, The Big Black Book, which comes out twice a year, and is a style manual for successful men, is what I wanted to buy. I wanted this particular edition, for an article found on page 72: The Anti-Road Trip.

This article outlines three road trips, in all different parts of the country, and suggests places to eat and stay along the way. The third trip is in the Southwest....

...particularly, right where I live!

But upon closer examination, you will note that it suggests, that one might want to go to Milt's Stop n'Eat in Moab.

And will you take a look at that?! It even includes a picture of ol' Milts Stop n'Eat.

And wouldn't you be even more surprised to know that picture was taken by ME!? On page 76 of Esquire's Fall/ Winter 2013 Big Black Book I was published! And couldn't have been more thrilled.

And even though you might need a magnifying glass to actually see the picture (because it is rather small), it is still there, in that magazine, that I purchased, and have been waiting to buy since June.

The week Reagan was born, I was contacted by a photo researcher from Esquire asking me if my images from Milt's were available for publication. I actually wasn't super familiar with Esquire, but good thing my mom just happened to be in town, and told me that it is a legit magazine and that this would be a really neat opportunity. So I hurried and emailed him back and said YES YES YES X1000 (but in a more professional way). Then I started waiting. And today I bought the magazine.

I always thought that it would be super awesome to be published. But since I am not known for my stupendous writing skills, I thought it would never happen. And even though this was the case, it was still secretly on my lifetime To-Do list. Little did I know, when it was added to that list, that when it happened, it wouldn't be for writing but for photography! Which I just so happen to LOVE a thousand times more than writing anyway! So today, I am checking this one off my lifetime list, and hoping it wont be the last!


  1. YAYYYYY! I'm going to have to buy a copy of this. YOU'RE FAMOUS!!!!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! I always knew you would be THAT girl! THAT girl that would live out her dreams, one-by-one! Who would have known that Esquire magazine would ever be a part of that! Love you!! ~Laura

  3. THATS SO AWESOME! You rock girl!


  4. You are an extraordinary gal!!! You really are amazing!! So fun! Congrats cutie!!

  5. That is so awesome!!! Love that you got to check that off of your list! And I hope you do again! I love your photos and your writing!! :) Also I still really want to go to all the drive ins you wrote about!

  6. That is so cool! Esquire! I'm going to go buy one.

  7. Amazing!! I love your photography. You deserve it!

  8. I'm so proud of you! You're amazing at everything you touch! (P.S. Your Mom sounds like a smart woman!)

  9. this is so great! way to go, corina!

  10. That is so awesome, go girl!! :)


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