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My family came to town...


My family came to town this weekend. It was sooooo nice having them here. I feel like every time my parents are in town my mom just takes care of me, and makes sure that we have everything that we need. From clothes for Reagan to mascara for me, it's just so nice have some of those extra things that I might not have bought for myself right away.

It's also fun to have them in town because we get to enjoy some of our favorite foods. We went a little bit overboard this weekend eating out, but it sure was tasty! (They actually got into town on Wednesday, so maybe it's not that bad...) One thing that I have learned from my mom, and really try to do, when I am in a new place, or just away from home, is eat at restaurants that I can't have at home. My family sure did that this weekend. We had: WaffleLuv, Lonestar Taqueria, Pizzeria Limone, The Pizza Factory, Hires, Ritas, La Costa, some more Doissants, and Panda Express (not too exciting or local, but still worth documenting...).

Another thing my mom likes to do when she's in Utah is buy bread. Let me tell you something: Utah has superb bread. Grandma Sycamore's is the best. My mom goes to Costco and buys the maximum amount that will fit in their car for the ride home. This time around it was 38 loaves.

Also this weekend, my dad, Jordan, and I left the bambino with grandma and we went to see the new Jerusalem movie in 3-D at the Thanksgiving Point IMAX. I loved every minute of it. In fact, I wish that it would have been twice as long, at least, if not longer.

Overall, I'm not sure this weekend could have been any better.


  1. Okay funny story, my family moved from Utah to Washington when I was 10 and my mom would do the same thing! She LOVES Grandma Sycamore bread. When we would go visit she would stuff our car full! How funny! Now they sell it in Washington too so she doesn't have to worry about! When Mom comes to town its the best! Glad you had fun with your family!

  2. I also know people that stock up on GS when in Utah. That's so funny! It sure is good though. I'm happy that most of this post is about food and family and being happy. Totally goes together :)

  3. Having family in town is the best!! Does your family live pretty far away? And you always make me want to come to Utah just for all of the yummy food! But it would also be awesome to meet you and your cute babe! Maybe someday I'll make a trip down with Claire!

  4. i love when my mom comes to town, its always the best time. moms sure do always know what you need.
    glad you were able to spend some time with family.


  5. cute cute cute! nothing better than family coming to town.

    the well-traveled wife

  6. how fun. love when moms come to town! we went to ritas too. maybe i need to try it again-i wasnt impressed. haha!


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