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Oh, Netflix. When we moved, in May, we decided that instead of paying for cable, we would just get Netflix. So we ran over to Best Buy and bought an Apple TV. Seriously great purchase! But since then, I think I have watched all of television. All. of. it. Yikes! I think I used to be a pretty minimal TV watcher, but now... I don't think I can say that. Since I have spent my fare share of time on Netflix, I thought I would offer some of my thoughts about a few of the shows I have spent my days watching.

TOP PRIORITY: Downton was the first show I wanted to watch. I had heard lots of hype about this show, and wanted to see what it was all about. I watched Season 1 on Netflix, Season 2 on our free trial of Hulu, and Season 3 on some sketchy website online. Addicted. Can't wait for the next season, and sad that Amazon Prime has the streaming rights, not Netflix...

FAVORITE: Once Upon a Time, has definitely been my favorite Netflix show. I seriously love it. I find it very entertaining, and I love that it isn't too predictable. I like how all of the stories intertwine. Some might say that it is a bit cheesy at times, but I think it is perfect.

FUNNIEST: We kind of just stumbled upon Better off Ted on accident, but it is definitely one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. It is hilarious. I think my favorite part about this show, unlike most shows, is that it doesn't really matter what order you watch the episodes in. Jordan got a little bit ahead of me and it didn't matter. I would watch with him, where he was, and then watch the ones he had already seen later. I would jump between seasons, jump out of episode order, didn't matter. Each episode stands alone. So that it great, but more important than that, it is SOOOO funny. Please watch.

NOT-MY-STYLE (BUT STILL GREAT): I definitely would not have sat down and chosen to watch this show. Jordan started watching it and I would listen in while I worked on the computer. After a few episodes though, I was wrapped into the stories and characters, so much that I had to start watching with him. We just barely finished watching Season 5, and we are both having "FNL" (as we saw some cool people call it on IMBD) withdrawals. And one added bonus of this show: after we'd finish watching, I would end up talking and thinking in a Texas accent for a few hours.

MEDICAL:  I'm still on the fence about this show, it gives me anxiety, but the anxiety aside, this is my new medical show. I feel like you always have a medical show. When I was growing up my mom watched E.R. I think Grey's Anatomy could be my E.R. I'm still in the middle of Season 1, and haven't totally gotten into it like I have other shows, but I'm not giving up yet.

JORDAN'S FIRST NETFLIX SHOW: I have a hard time with this show. It was the first show that Jordan watched on Netflix. He started (and finished) watching it right after Reagan was born (and my emotions were all postpartum fragile), and some of the episodes made me feel uncomfortable and self-conscience about my new post-baby body. But I'm not sure if I would still feel like that if he were watching it now. The other reason why this show was really hard for me to watch, was because I hate Don Draper. How can you watch a show where you don't respect or care about the main character? Besides all of these things, it is definitely entertaining (and the clothes are obviously great).

BEST SOUNDTRACK: Duh. I'm also sort of on the fence about this show, but the songs seriously give me the chills sometimes, as cheesy as that sounds. Plus, I really like how they sing all genres. After watching, I loved when I'd be in the car, listening to the radio and like every 3rd song was sung on Glee. That is neat. I'm only in the middle of Season 2, and again, am not totally hooked, and haven't watched any recently, but haven't completely given up.

SHORTEST EPISODS: I like this show because if I don't have very much time to really invest like 45-60 minutes on a show (like Once Upon a Time), I can sit down and watch one episode in about 20 minutes. That's great. Fast, funny, enjoyable.

WISH I COULD GET INTO: This is the show that we've really tried to get into a few times, but for some reason, we just can't get into it. I think some shows just take time to get in to, or the first few episodes aren't the best. I'm not positive, but this might be one of those shows.

A few other favorites include New Girl and The Office. Although I am not 100% into them, I am giving them a chance.

What are your favorite Netflix shows? Any recommendations? Any thoughts about the shows I mentioned above?


  1. Okay, Grey's Anatomy gets SOOO addicting! It's my guilty pleasure.. My husband just doesn't get it... But I love it! Now we're in season 10 and I'm still hooked! Don't give up! ;)

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  3. I watched Once Upon A Time on Netflix last month and I LOVE it too! My brother-in-law makes fun of me and says it's way too cheesy, but I agree with you.. it's perfect. I watched Psych this summer and I struggled to get into it too. I found myself not paying attention to some of the episodes, but I watched them all and there are some good ones! I also love Parks & Rec! Do you watch New Girl? I really like that show and I know a couple seasons are on Netflix now.

  4. I've never seen a lot of episodes from any of these shows except Friday Night Lights - I used to watch that when it was airing on TV and I LOVE that show. I'm really interested in Better Off Ted now!! And I see you haven't gotten into Breaking Bad or Prison Break? Or maybe you have and it didn't fit into a category...

  5. I would have to add Numbers and White Collar to the list!


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