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Reagan Rolls


Last Saturday, right after Jessica took these pictures, she took a few pictures of Reagan. We laid her blanket on the floor and then set her down on her tummy. She hammed it up for a few minutes, giving us all kinds of cheesy faces and smiles, and then she rolled over! And it was so great because I was holding the left edge of the blanket and Jordan was holding the right, so we both got to witness her very first ever roll. It was so exciting! And it was fun that Jessica just happened to be snapping a few pictures as that exact moment. We don't have any pictures of the actual roll, but we do have pictures of right before and right after, so I thought I'd share...

^^I just had to include this one. She's so funny!^^

^^Always eating her fingers^^

^^Right in between these last two pictures...that's when the magic happened! Reagan's first roll over.^^

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