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The Fall


Last Fall was not a good Fall. I was sicker than a dog (pregnancy sickness... blah!) , hating life, hating student teaching, wanting to find a house....etc. Nothing seemed to go my way. I am usually a lover of Fall. I am usually more than ready to pull out my cardigans and sweaters. Not last year. I just wanted Fall to end. I wanted to be done with school. I wanted to not be sick anymore. I wanted snow and Christmas. I just wanted to skip Fall.

This year, however, is another story. This Fall, I get to reap the rewards of my sickness last Fall. I get to spend time with my Reagan. Everyday! I'm excited about the colorful leaves I see. I am excited to wear my sweaters. I do not want to skip Fall. I do not want snow or Christmas (yet).

I'm glad that my life started over this Fall. And I think I'll just try to forget about last Fall.

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