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A few months ago I received an email from the social media coordinator for the campaign. She asked me if I would be interested in doing freelance design work for the facebook, twitter, and google+ pages. I was so thrilled and couldn't believe what an amazing opportunity this was. It is so gratifying to get paid to do something I love, at home, for a cause I already whole-heartedly believe in. I usually make one "Pinterest Style Graphic" a month. They send me the quote, I design it, and then send it back. I love adding that copyright information at the bottom of each graphic. Plus, I do have to say, it's kind of fun seeing something I designed get over 5,000 "likes" on Facebook!

Here are three that I have designed:

See it here

See it here

See it here

Times Square Photo Recreation


I think the top picture was taken in 2007. I found it a few weeks before we went on our trip, so I knew we had to try to recreate it. We had to take it from a slightly different location because of a large hole in the road, but I think it still looks good. I like that all of the billboards are the same shape, even if they have different brands on them now. I think the only two that are the same, are the Coke one in the very center (regular Coca-cola above, and Diet below) and the beer one right next to it. You can also see the Swatch store in the back right is still in the same place. Also speaking of brands, it is quite possible that the boys may have made the switch from Nike to Under Armor over the years.... One thing is for sure, I think they are definitely still just as cute.

New York City | Day 4

On Tuesday, Dylan and Logan's birthday, we woke up bright and early, and walked over to Rockefeller plaza again. On our way over we stopped at Magnolia Bakery, and got muffins and hot chocolate. It was SOOOOO cold, freezing, rainy/snowy, and wet this morning.

We were at Rockefeller Plaza for the filming of the Today Show and because it was cold, not very many people were there that morning. So even though we were freezing, the weather really helped D&L get on TV!

^^It was so fun to see how it all works, and how the show is made every morning.^^

^^Tuesday, November 12, 2013... The boys' 15th birthday!^^

^^The boys and their signs. "Today is his 15th birthday ------------>" ^^

Reagan was freezing so we didn't get to stand outside with them the whole time. We sat in the bakery right behind everything and watched through the window while she fell asleep.

After the show we went back to the hotel to dethaw, and pack up. After we finished packing, and a quick nap for Reagan, we checked out of the hotel, and went back to Times Square.

^^I think they love their niece....^^

The boys decided that they wanted Shake Shack (again, I know, but really it is sooooo yummy!) for their birthday lunch before we headed to the airport.

^^My family says that I am a french fry connoisseur. I love fries. And as a connoisseur, I have to say that these fries are dang good.^^

^^This is the real reason why I kept going back. The Great White Way Concrete (which I think is only served at this Shake Shack in the Theater District). I didn't really make the connection until last night (actually Jordan made the connection), that I really love these concretes because they are pretty much a Rice Krispee Treat in milkshake form. And I love Rice Krispee Treats. This concrete is vanilla ice cream with marshmallow cream, and crispy crunchies. ^^

I'm so glad I was able to go and spend time with my cute brothers, and my mom, in such a fun place. Thanks for a great trip!

New York City | Day 3

On Monday, my mom had to work, so it was mostly just Reagan, the boys, and I. We started the day with a walk over to Rockefeller Plaza.

We had tickets to go to the Top of the Rock at 10am. I have been to the top of the Empire State Building twice and this was BY FAR, way better.

There are 3 observation decks at the Top of the Rock. The 67th floor, the 69th, and the 70th. The 67th and the 69th have very thick glass walls keeping you from falling and the 70th just has a half wall/fence. There are two main reasons why Top of the Rock is way better than the Empire State Building (as far as observation decks go): 1) It's WAY less crowded. The last time I went to the Empire State Building, we waited in line for like 2 hours before we actually got to the top. And 2) I think it has better views.

I love that you can actually see the Empire State Building. (I'd rather see it, than be on it) It's such a neat building, with so much cultural significance. Can you look at it and not think of at least 3 movies?

And how cool is this view of Central Park?! Love the colors of those trees. So beautiful.

I think Reagan even enjoyed the views (after she woke up...).

^^Can you believe 1) that they're twins? 2) that they're 15? 3) that I'm so lucky to be their sister? They were soooooo helpful with Reagan this whole trip.^^

We really loved the Light Room on the 69th Floor. When you walked in the room, it lit up all different colors, and then assigned each person a color. As you walked across the room, your color followed you on the ceiling.

^^Example: Logan was assigned green one time (see the green color blocks above his head?). Even Reagan got a color in her stroller. It was really fun.^^

^^ Reagan got hungry while we were on the top, so she got to eat on the 67th floor, probably the highest she'll eat in a long time.^^

After the Top of the Rock, we went down and checked out the Christmas Tree. Oh, before that we went to Anthropologie. Hello! Can't forget that. Then we checked out the Tree. They are in the process of decorating it right now. We watched the ice skaters for a few minutes and then went to the Lego store. After the Lego store we walked around to the NBC store, which is always really fun (It was especially fun this time because of this).

^^We really liked this balloon dog sculpture. Doesn't it really look like a HUGE balloon animal? I love the details, like the twist creases near the bottom of the front legs.^^

^^I've been to New York twice where the tree is in place, but not decorated. Maybe someday I'll get to see it fully decorated.^^

After all of this Rockefeller Plaza business we ate lunch (well, we actually ate at a little place there) we walked down to a Japanese Book Store across from Bryant Park. Japanese Book/Stationary Stores are among my favorite things in this world. We probably spent an hour and a half there, maybe more.

Then we walked over to Grand Central Station. They have changed the ceiling since I was there last, and I really like it. It is turquoise with constellations, and lights as stars.

I love all of the hustle and bustle. And the huge American Flag was really neat too. I'm just guessing, but I think it was up because it was Veteran's Day.

^^The hustle...

...and the bustle.^^

After Grand Central Station we walked back to 5th Avenue, which was having a parade for Veteran's Day, and up to Tiffany and FAO Schwarz. Tiffany was neat, and FAO Schwarz was AWESOME! They had so many fantastic things there, including a choose your own color crayons wall. You could get a little tin and then choose which colors you wanted. Or if your favorite color is cerulean you can get all cerulean crayons. I just love the whole idea.

After FAO, which is right next door to the cool Apple Store, we headed to see the Temple via Columbus Circle.

^^Dylan really wanted to get a picture of him holding a globe or sphere of some kind (which is neat because of this picture taken of my dad in 1993... even though they weren't taken at the same place, they were both taken in New York).^^

After seeing the Temple, we walked to The Dakota, which is where John Lennon lived, and to Strawberry Fields in Central Park. By this point it was pretty dark (a.k.a. not very many great pictures after this...). We walked through Central Park, back to the Apple Store where we fed Reagan. Then we got some pizza for dinner near Times Square, ran to Rite Aid for some markers and poster board (for the Today show, the next morning), and headed back to the hotel. It was about 8 when we got back to the hotel, and we were planning on going back out again, but my mom came over to see us, and helped put Reagan to bed (she was really fussy this night), so we didn't actually end up going back out.
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