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New York City | Day 1


A few weeks ago we found out that my mom would be going to New York City on a business trip and since her trip coincided with my brothers' birthday we thought it would be fun for Dylan, Logan, Reagan and I to join her. We had so much fun! I took WAY too many pictures, but since this is my blog, I'm going to post ALL of my favorites.  HA! So here we go!

^^We had great seats on the plane for some fantastic views flying into the city. It was so fun to see the Statue of Liberty, the new World Trade Center building, and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.^^

We sure hit the ground running. From the airport we headed to our hotel to drop off our stuff, and then went straight to Shake Shack for some dinner.

After we ate, we wandered over to Times Square. Times Square is super touristy, but there is definitely a reason for that. It is just mind bogglingly (like my new word?) cool to look at all of the lights, billboards, and people. While in Times Square we went to a few stores, one of which was Toys'R'Us because I planned on buying some diapers and formula there instead of packing a bunch of it.

^^Reagan sure loved all of the lights and sounds. She was a bit mesmerized.^^

^^I liked this guy's "Free Hugs" sign, and we ate soooooo much of these nuts while we were there. They are delicious! We probably spend at least $40 on nuts while we were there...^^

^^We stayed at the Belvedere Hotel. One thing that was really nice about this hotel was that they had a little mini crib for Reagan, which was SO nice to have. She slept great the whole trip.^^

After Times Square we headed to Dylan's Candy Bar. Because Dylan. We made it there right before it closed. (P.S. Dylan's Candy Bar is in the movie Hitch! One of my favorites.)

After Dylan's Candy Bar we wandered home via the Apple Store (which we ended up going to 3 times) and 5th Avenue. By this time it was about midnight, and we were all pretty tired (and Logan was cold, because he somehow missed the memo that it was going to be cold in New York and only brought a hoodie. Silly Boy.) so we headed back to the hotel for bed.


  1. I've always wanted to go to New York---can't wait to see all that touristy stuff for myself! For now, I'll just have to live it through your pics :) Can't wait for more!

  2. Those nuts are SO good :) Your pics from the plane are awesome!


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