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New York City | Day 2

The next morning we woke up and walked over to Times Square, where we caught a taxi to my mom's hotel, Club Quarters. Her hotel was right across the street from the 9-11 Memorial, where we had tickets to go at 11.

My mom stayed with us at the Belvedere the first night, but then at her hotel the other nights. It was really nice to have a room downtown and another room midtown though, because we were able to swing by either one if we needed a convenient place to feed or change Reagan.

^^I loved this little flower stand that was on the corner by our hotel.^^

^^She was so good just hanging out in her stroller all day, wearing her little snowsuit. She really was a wonderful little traveler.^^

After a quick stop at my mom's hotel, to drop off her things, we grabbed some breakfast and then went to the Memorial. I had seen tons of pictures of the Memorial, but it always means something different when you're actually there. It is so interesting to see the pools and to think that was how big the buildings were. I mean the pools are big, but to think that a whole building sat there, makes them seems small.

^^The new World Trade Center 1, that just got named the tallest building in America.^^

^^The white-ish building is where my mom's hotel was, and that neat looking tan brick building right next to it survived the terrorist attacks and a huge beam falling through it, because of it's great design and architecture. Most other buildings right around Ground Zero were completely destroyed. That one survived.^^

^^We happened to be in New York City during Fleet Week, so we saw lots and lots of people walking around in uniform all week. It's kind of funny though, because we've accidentally been there during Fleet Week before.^^

The first time I went to New York City was November 2001, right after the attacks. The buildings were still smoking, and there were abandoned cars parked all over the streets. On all of the fences and walls were missing person signs. It was really heart wrenching. Going to the Memorial was really neat, because I love that I live in a place that can pick itself back up. I don't personally know anyone who died in the attacks but I like that as a whole, we can recover from something devastating like that. It was such a neat way to honor those people who died that day.

After the Memorial we went back up to my mom's hotel room for a little rest and to feed Reagan. Then we went over to Century 21 for a little bit of shopping.

^^Loved these Citi Bikes all in a row. #thingsneatlyorganized^^

After Century 21 we walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge. Sometimes it's fun to go see bridges and walk across (or part-way across) them. None of us had ever been to the Brooklyn Bridge before.

^^ I feel like whenever I ask a stranger to take a group picture with my big camera it almost never turns out, so we always resort to the self timer.^^

^^I loved how cute this old Fire Station looked^^

No trip to New York is complete without a stop at Canal Street, so after the bridge we headed over there. We didn't buy very much this trip, but I did get a little "I ♥ NY" onesie for Reagan. Oh and of course we bought some roasted nuts to munch on.

^^We thought this was just about the funniest onesie ever: "When ugly people's hold me I'm cry." ^^

After Canal Street, we walked a million miles. We stopped at a crepe place for a little snack before dinner. We wanted to go to Grimaldi's for dinner, but it was closed for some dumb reason when we got there, so we went to a BBQ place next door instead, which was also really tasty.

Following our dinner, we ran across the street to Trader Joe's. They don't have Trader Joe's in Colorado yet, so it was a first for D&L. After Trader Joe's we caught a taxi back to the Belvedere.

My mom wanted to stay at her hotel this night, but came back to ours with us to drop off the day's loot. She was going to ride the Subway back to her hotel, and since the subway stop was right across the street from Shake Shack, we went to drop her off and then got a concrete.

After Shake Shack, we went over to Times Square again. Because Times Square. We took lots of pictures, bought more nuts and walked all around, then headed back to the hotel for bed.

^^There were tons of people dressed up in Times Square. There was Micky, Minnie, Hello Kitty, Elmo, Woody... etc. They were there pretty much every time we went to Times Square. They want tips after you get your picture taken with them. I'm very curious about the whole thing. How much do you think they make? Does it get really hot and sweaty in those costumes and is it worth it?^^


  1. I'm a total jerk and didn't know about the tip thing when we took pics with them so...we didn't. I bet they make quite a bit though! Better than a homeless sign. That onesie is hilarious too :)

  2. Not going to lie, but those characters freak me out up there. I don't know why but they skeeve me out.


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