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New York City | Day 4

On Tuesday, Dylan and Logan's birthday, we woke up bright and early, and walked over to Rockefeller plaza again. On our way over we stopped at Magnolia Bakery, and got muffins and hot chocolate. It was SOOOOO cold, freezing, rainy/snowy, and wet this morning.

We were at Rockefeller Plaza for the filming of the Today Show and because it was cold, not very many people were there that morning. So even though we were freezing, the weather really helped D&L get on TV!

^^It was so fun to see how it all works, and how the show is made every morning.^^

^^Tuesday, November 12, 2013... The boys' 15th birthday!^^

^^The boys and their signs. "Today is his 15th birthday ------------>" ^^

Reagan was freezing so we didn't get to stand outside with them the whole time. We sat in the bakery right behind everything and watched through the window while she fell asleep.

After the show we went back to the hotel to dethaw, and pack up. After we finished packing, and a quick nap for Reagan, we checked out of the hotel, and went back to Times Square.

^^I think they love their niece....^^

The boys decided that they wanted Shake Shack (again, I know, but really it is sooooo yummy!) for their birthday lunch before we headed to the airport.

^^My family says that I am a french fry connoisseur. I love fries. And as a connoisseur, I have to say that these fries are dang good.^^

^^This is the real reason why I kept going back. The Great White Way Concrete (which I think is only served at this Shake Shack in the Theater District). I didn't really make the connection until last night (actually Jordan made the connection), that I really love these concretes because they are pretty much a Rice Krispee Treat in milkshake form. And I love Rice Krispee Treats. This concrete is vanilla ice cream with marshmallow cream, and crispy crunchies. ^^

I'm so glad I was able to go and spend time with my cute brothers, and my mom, in such a fun place. Thanks for a great trip!


  1. I just recently found your blog, and love reading it! I was wondering how you got the date in your posts to appear in the circle?!

  2. Oh wow this looks SO fun! I'm dying to try Shake Shack now, I love that we share an obsession with french fries :)

  3. so much fun. and um those shake shack pictures are killing me. so hungry. so good looking.

  4. Love seeing all your pictures from your trip! NYC is such an amazing place to visit!

  5. Oh my gosh. I think I need to go to NYC just for the food you mentioned in this post alone! A rice krispie treat concrete?! YUM! And Race calls me the fries connoisseur! I need to try those! :]

  6. Everytime I got to NYC I want to go to Shake Shack but I never make it. Looks delish though.

  7. so, i've been extremely behind when it comes to stalking the blogosphere. i'm loving these nyc pictures!


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