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Times Square Photo Recreation


I think the top picture was taken in 2007. I found it a few weeks before we went on our trip, so I knew we had to try to recreate it. We had to take it from a slightly different location because of a large hole in the road, but I think it still looks good. I like that all of the billboards are the same shape, even if they have different brands on them now. I think the only two that are the same, are the Coke one in the very center (regular Coca-cola above, and Diet below) and the beer one right next to it. You can also see the Swatch store in the back right is still in the same place. Also speaking of brands, it is quite possible that the boys may have made the switch from Nike to Under Armor over the years.... One thing is for sure, I think they are definitely still just as cute.


  1. The photo on top is how I still think of the twins! But, both are cute. So cool that you got to recreate it!


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