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Best of 2013

This sure has been a whirlwind of a year for us. And I wouldn't have it any other way. It sure was a great one. Here is my very favorite blog post of the entire year (and one of the main reasons why I still blog).

To start the year off with a bang, Jordan got LASIK, and said goodbye to glasses. We had a very eventful week in the middle of January, where we found out we were having a girl (hence lots of pink to celebrate), Austan got his mission call, and my sweet cousin Gabriel suffered a bad accident.

In February, we went on some fun dates, I found some old pictures of us, there was Valentine's Day, some pregnancy updates (here and here), I took Carly's Bridals in the freezing snow, and I kept finding money in the gutter.

In March, after a long hiatus, we finally made it to another drive-in from our list. We spent a weekend in St. George enjoying the sun and cherry blossoms, and we went to the Rockies Exhibition Game at the Bee's Stadium in Salt Lake. I also shot two weddings (here and here), wrote some more pregnancy updates (here and here), went snowmobiling in Boise, and I shared some photography tips.

We spent 10 days of April in Hawaii, on a little babymoon. Jordan hiked the Na Pali Coast, and we took some fun maternity photos while we were there, and right after we got back I took a quick trip to Colorado. I walked in the graduation ceremonies at BYU, recreated a fun picture from my first day of college, I had a baby shower, took another quick trip to Boise (that I didn't blog about, probably the worst trip of my life), and on the very last day of April Austan left on his mission.

In May, I finished watching all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls (for the second time) right before we moved. We took a quick trip to Burley, I found some pictures of Jordan and I as babies, I wrote lots and lots of pregnancy updates (here, here, here, and here), I made bows, went on more fun dates, took some family pictures of friends, and my family came to town for Memorial Day and helped me work on a few Nursery Projects (dresser and rocking chair).

Oh, June. What a wonderful month! I finished my get-ready-for-baby to do list, went on more fun dates, wrote my last pregnancy update, and the most exciting part of our whole year (life? thus far) happened. Reagan Jane Sorensen was born, June 13th at 11:04am, just in time for Father's Day. We enjoyed her newness, compared "birth" day pictures, compiled all of my pregnancy photos, Reagan spent a little bit of time on the bilibed, she went on her first picnic, I took tons of photos of her (here and here), my mom helped me spruce up our apartment, and we went to Taylorsville Dayzz.

In July, I took some cute newborn pictures of my beautiful daughter. My family came to town for the Fourth of July, and that weekend we had Reagan's baby blessing. I wrote Reagan's one month old blog posts (here and here), my dad had a birthday, Reagan had her first trip to the pool, we snapped some fun pictures of our 6 week old, I mailed Reagan's birth announcements, Jordan and I (and Reagan) went on a fun Progressive Dinner Date, we hiked up to Donut Falls with my brothers, I took some pictures of some pretty flowers by our house, and I wrote about our Daily Routine .

At the beginning of August Reagan took her first trip to Colorado, with me, my aunt Annett, and her friend Ann. I posted some pictures of Reagan's Nursery, we went to Arizona for my cousin's wedding, and stayed at the coolest castle house, I wrote Reagan's two month posts (here and here), we went to Jordan's Family reunion at Alturas Lake in Idaho, my brothers started High School, we went to the zoo for Jordan's Summer work party, we celebrated our third wedding anniversary at The Melting Pot, my family came to town again and we went to the Provo Farmer's Market.

September started with a Labor Day trip to Zion's with my cousin Amanda, her husband Evan, and my aunt and uncle. On our way down we stopped at another drive-in, Reagan wore a cute outfit (she always does, but this particular time I took pictures of it), I shared some of my pregnancy favorites, Reagan's three month posts were shared (here and here), Jordan turned 27, Reagan became the cutest Cougar Fan who ever lived, and I went to the Relief Society Broadcast with my Mother-in-law.

In October we discovered the Doissant, I chopped my hair off, Reagan rolled over for the first time, we went to the BYU Homecoming parade and for a drive around the Alpine Loop, Reagan turned four months (here and here), we became Netflix addicts, my family came to town again, I shared my sleeping baby favorites, I had a picture published in Esquire Magazine, and we were skeletons for Halloween.

November started with some pictures of this cute 20 week old babe, I talked about my new hobby, we took a trip to New York City, with quick stops in Colorado before and after, I wrote Reagan's five months posts (here and here), I shared some of my work for, and we spent Thanksgiving in Boise.

At the beginning of December I posted pictures of our Christmas twig Tree, some of my pictures that missed Instagram, my felt ball garland, Reagan turned six(!) months old (here and here), I had a birthday, Reagan was Santa Baby, I sent out Christmas Cards, we were really festive, and spent Christmas in Colorado!

Wow! What a wonderful, busy, and exciting year! I absolutely can't wait for more years just like two-thousand-thirteen. Bring on '14.

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  1. You are seriously so cute. I love your darling family, and the pictures you take. What a great and monumental year for you!

    PS You should link this baby up to my year in review link-up on my blog if you feel so inclined :)

    Here's to a great 2014!

  2. I love this! I wish we had internet right now to do one! You're so great to link everything to previous posts, great work. And what a wonderful year Reagan has made for you!!

  3. Looks like you had one amazing year! Wishing you more amazingness in the year to come!

  4. Sorry I have silly questions for you, but I love how your blog posts layouts. How are you able to put your pictures in your posts in such a uniform way, while still taking up the whole space, and have them be individual instead of a Photoshop file etc?


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