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Felt Ball Garland


I made this felt ball garland to go on our Christmas Tree, but when it came down to it, our tree already had way too much stuff on it. So it got hung here instead. I don't think it will be coming down with the rest of the Christmas decorations after Christmas. Welcome to your permanent home garland. I love your colors.


  1. I'm in the middle of making a felt ball garland! Did you buy the felt balls or make them?? And if you did make them where did you get the wool for them and was it pretty expensive??

  2. Also, I love the colors on yours! I think I want to make a more colorful one for my girls' room! The one I'm making right now is just red and white. For Christmas/Valentine's Day!

  3. ummm i love it, seriously it looks great!

  4. Emma, I bought the wool and made them into the balls. I bought one of those felt ball shakers. The wool was pretty expensive, but I found it at this cool little shop while I was in NY, so it was my souvenir.


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