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Oh Christmas Tree

I had great intentions for a little mini Christmas Tree this year (in all reality, here is what I really wanted... some may call this a pinterest fail)... They kind of didn't happen, but I still like how it turned out, because we decorated it together, and it has our special ornaments on it. We're spending Christmas in Colorado this year, so a real tree (my only true Christmas Tree desire, which has yet to be fulfilled in our home) still doesn't make sense, just like it never has for us.

Also, to add to the craziness that is this "tree" (we use this term loosely, it's more just branches) we have white light strands. Who would buy white Christmas Tree lights? They are not discrete in the slightest bit. But I do like colorful lights better than white ones. I had a vase with sand in it, and we put some lights in the vase and then our branches, which were lovingly given to us by the Harper's, and then we decorated. It's cute enough (to look at with all of the lights in the house off) and Christmassy enough. What more could we ask for?

Past trees here and here.

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  1. I love it! I too am more of a fan of colored lights on Christmas trees. Maybe when I'm old with no kids at home and feel like making my tree all designer/pinterest looking I will do white lights but I think the colored are more fun :)


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