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Six Months Old


This little chickadee is getting huge!  She is learning so many new things. She loves to bang her hands on the table or anything that is in front of her. She is still sleeping great at night, and taking stellar naps. She is still mostly eating milk, but loves the occasional rice cereal, or applesauce, banana, pear...etc. baby food we'll give her.

She still doesn't roll over very much, but I think it's because her balance is so good. She can sit up on her own for extended amounts of time, but usually falls over at some point (she does have a rather low center of gravity (thanks to the belly!), which definitely helps with the sitting).

She likes to open and close her mouth a lot, repeatedly, like she's talking, but no words are coming out. It's almost like, she's seen us talking, and moving our mouths, so she wants to try it.

She LOVES her toes. Whenever they're available, she's holding them, or putting them in her mouth. And if she needs a little bit of cheering up, we'll take her pants off and give her her toes to play with and that usually fixes all of the problems.

She is a beautiful little six month old, and I love her more and more everyday. I can't believe that she's been a part of our family for six months, and that in six more months, she'll be ONE! It has gone by REALLY fast.

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  1. It HAS gone by fast! I can't believe that was 6 months ago that I was visiting you in the hospital! I love her little Christmas outfit and that scrunchy face picture. haha! So cute :)


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