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The photos that missed Instagram

These are a small collection of neglected photos from my phone, that didn't make the cut for Instagram. I still like them though, and I think they deserve a second chance.

1. Remember when trees had those pretty colorful things on them? That was nice.

2. Dinner at Chick-Fil-A happens a lot in this family. I can't say I mind very much.

3. It only took me 4 or 5 months to make it down to the Vital Records office to get Reagan's Birth Certificate. So when I finally did, I was really proud of myself. But after sitting and waiting with a whole bunch of people who I swear all had the bird flu, we got the certificate, only to find out that they thought Jordan was 3 years younger than he really is. Even though Jordan filled out the form himself, at the hospital right after Reagan was born, the lady was sure he messed up. She had to call the hospital, who had to pull the form back out, only to find that he did indeed put his correct birthday on the form and the hospital people were the ones who messed it up entering it into the computer. So I had to pay $18, to interact with the bird flu, and leave the Vital Records Office empty handed, with instructions to come back 7 days later.

4. This one did make it on Instagram, but just to finish the Vital Records Office story, I just have to add, that right after pulling out of the parking lot, I got pulled over and given a speeding ticket for going 5 over. FIVE.

1. A mess-up photo: Strange foot and leg with leaves.  I don't know why but I like this mess-up for some reason. Maybe because I'm wearing my Sanuks, and they're just down right comfortable.

2. I have all of these really neat, big letters, and I'm not sure how to use them. Any suggestions?

3. I made some cute baby shower invitations for my roommate Chelsea. I love how they turned out.

4. While I was in Colorado, we went to Kokoro. A family favorite.

1, 2, 3, and 4. A date without the babe. Jordan planned it all, and the only thing I had to do was enjoy. We went to see Gravity, in 3-D, and then we went to dinner at a delicious Japanese place. It was wonderful.

1. This was taken on the plane to New York. I specifically took this picture because of the guy who was sitting next to Logan: Tie-dye wolf shirt, with cut-off sleeves, and very tall hair, which he repeatedly adjusted to make sure it was tall enough. Oh and sunglasses, which he wore the entire flight.

2.This face! She's getting SO chunky, and I love it.

1. Since we were traveling for most of Dylan and Logan's birthday, and didn't get home until very late, my mom let them have birthday cake for breakfast the next morning. What a fun mom.

2. I was pretty proud of my "Give Thanks" banner, that I made from a Relief Society Super Saturday kit.

3. We made an Apple Pie for a Family Night treat on Monday. It was delicious. Yesterday we used the last two pieces that were left to make Apple Pie Shakes. They were even more delicious.

4. And lastly, gigantic silhouettes. Almost as fun as shadow puppets.


  1. okay, i totally thought that those letters were all on a wall, and i thought how lovely that looked.
    and i seriously love those baby shower invitations! you are so talented! did you take classes or are you self-taught?

  2. lovely photos...and now im craving chick fil a!!

  3. I would eat Chick Fil A every day if I could afford it!! That's so fun that Chelsea is pregnant, the invites are so creative! I'm assuming she's having a boy?

  4. cute pictures! and cute family!


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