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We switched things up this year for my birthday. Usually, our birthday celebrations revolve around the traditional Benihana birthday dinner. This year, however, I requested tickets to the Lower Lights Christmas Concert for my birthday. My actual birthday was on Friday, and by the time we tried to buy tickets, the Friday night concert was already sold out, so we opted for Thursday night instead, nbd. So Thursday afternoon we dropped the baby off with Grandma, and headed to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

After dinner we headed to the Salt Lake Masonic Temple where the concert was being held. I loved the venue! It's gorgeous. And the concert was phenomenal. It was a wonderful night!

And now a bit of a side story, to explain the events of my actual birthday. Last Sunday, I was Facetiming with my family, and in the background I heard my dad ask Logan if he was going to go to the school dance that next weekend. Logan said yeah probably, and then my dad asked Dylan if he was going to go. Dylan said, "No, we're going to be in Utah" which was immediately followed by a loud, "SHHHHHH!!!" from Logan. I knew that my birthday was that next weekend, and my mom had mentioned that she wanted to come to Utah sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, to get Christmas presents figured out for my grandma and aunt... And probably to see Reagan.

Anyway, when I heard that on our Facetime call I didn't say anything, but thought that they probably would try to surprise me. I wasn't sure if they were actually going to come or not, but I kept thinking that it would be great if they did.

So my birthday rolls around, and Jordan woke up and went over to Einstein Bagel and got me a special birthday breakfast (they have a free birthday club!). We ate a delicious breakfast and then he headed to work.

Reagan loves to sleep in. That girl will usually sleep until 10 or 11. And usually I like to join her after Jordan leaves for work. But I always feel guilty for doing it. On my birthday,  however, I decided I was allowed to sleep in. So I stayed in bed, guilt-free all morning. I woke up around 9:45, but was still in bed, debating whether or not I should get up and get ready. I kept thinking, how nice it would be to just wait until my family got there to get up and then they could watch Reagan while I got ready. I was a little worried that they weren't actually coming, but then the doorbell rang! I was so excited that they came! They brought me flowers, and a cake and candles, and spent the weekend with me.

We went to Cafe Rio for lunch, and then we headed to the Outlets, where I was sufficiently spoiled. Going to a mall on your birthday is fantastic. We went to La Costa in American Fork for dinner, which was delicious. Afterward we played games, I blew out some candles and we ate delicious cake. It was a wonderful birthday!


  1. So glad you had a nice time! Family time is he best! Happy Birthday!

  2. Sounds likes a great birthday! So, I totally teared up a little when i read your family showed up. Hahaha! How fun!!!

    Ps Regan's whale shirt is SOO CUTE!

  3. so much fun girl! what a perfect birthday..


  4. So glad you had a good birthday! Sounds like tons of fun! We just had those tiny martinelli's at Devin's parents house...I love them

  5. Sounds like such a fun birthday! And yay for december birthdays :)


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