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I got to photograph this tiny beauty last week. I can't believe I've already forgotten how small babies are when they are born! She was perfectly delicate and a great little sleeper during this shoot. I even caught a few smiles. She has the most beautiful, long, dark eyelashes. I'm definitely envious.

^^She woke up near the end, so we did get to see her eyes a little bit...^^

^^There are a few baby "things" that are my absolute favorite: squinty eyes, wrinkly foreheads, and yawns. It doesn't get better than that.^^

^^Doesn't she look so peaceful? and completely darling?^^

I really like taking pictures of newborns, because I feel so special that I get to spend time with such a perfect little being. Thanks Chris and Heather for letting me take some pictures of your beautiful Ruby!

32 Weeks Old


I love being the one who gets to be there when Reagan wakes up in the morning or from naps, because this is the face that greets me when I peak my head over her crib. After a good, long sleep this woman is so cheerful. This morning I decided to snap some pictures of this happy baby.

And i just had to include these last two, because they're so silly. Sometimes, she sure is a goofy girl.

Name them one by one


We finally got a house under contract last week. We had a moving date, and a loan and everything. We were so exciting and making all sorts of plans, getting everything ready, and then we had the inspection. It was awful. The house wasn't perfect, and we knew that, and were willing to live with some things, and fix others, but not things like mold in the attic, or water leaking through the foundation. It was the perfect house! And then all the sudden it wasn't and we weren't buying it. And it broke my little heart.

I just hate when I imagine our family in a house and imagine how I would want to decorate it, or imagine Reagan's first birthday party in the backyard and then I just have to forget about all of it. This was the fourth house I have had to forget about. This was the closest we had ever been though, so it hurts even worse than before. It's a strange hurt though, because I'm happy where I am, but I still want a house...

I'm trying to count my blessings, because I like my life, it's just so weird to me, how we can be happy where we are, but also want something else so bad that when it doesn't happen it hurts. And it's not that you greedily want more, but you truly and sincerely think that this other option would be better for you or your family. I guess that's just life sometimes. 

Seven Months Old


What in the world!? A seven month old? What the heck? She's just growing right up. Parenting is a serious time warp.

This little 7 month old is full of personality. She screams and talks, and sits all by herself. She laughs when you make silly faces.

She can eat a jar of baby food in one sitting (sometimes 3 times a day!). She loves eating puffs, and trying to get them into her mouth by herself.

She loves playing with her toys. She got lots of fun ones for Christmas. She loves to empty her little block box and spread the blocks out all over the floor.

She takes about 3 naps a day, about an hour and a half to two hours long, unless we're out and about, then it's less.

She's mega heavy, 20+ pounds and I'm about done with the infant carseat (I'm sure she's past that 22lb carseat limit). It's just too heavy to carry around. We've already bought a new carseat, but haven't installed it yet. I'm kind of dreading getting rid of the portable nap chair, but since she can sit on her own I think we're ready for shopping carts. Church will be one of the bigger challenges without a carseat.

Still no teeth, but if she's anything like me, she wont get any for a long, long time.

Her hair is getting longer and thicker. She doesn't really have a bald spot on the back of her head anymore, and it is getting seriously fluffy on top. We've even occasionally tried a mohawk.

She is just a serious joy to have around. A few weeks ago, we were walking around Target, and Reagan was laughing and talking to me and a lady walked by and told me that Reagan had a sweet disposition. And I couldn't agree more. She is one happy girl.

^^P.S. I love her knuckle dimples.^^

Seven Months

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