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We finally got a house under contract last week. We had a moving date, and a loan and everything. We were so exciting and making all sorts of plans, getting everything ready, and then we had the inspection. It was awful. The house wasn't perfect, and we knew that, and were willing to live with some things, and fix others, but not things like mold in the attic, or water leaking through the foundation. It was the perfect house! And then all the sudden it wasn't and we weren't buying it. And it broke my little heart.

I just hate when I imagine our family in a house and imagine how I would want to decorate it, or imagine Reagan's first birthday party in the backyard and then I just have to forget about all of it. This was the fourth house I have had to forget about. This was the closest we had ever been though, so it hurts even worse than before. It's a strange hurt though, because I'm happy where I am, but I still want a house...

I'm trying to count my blessings, because I like my life, it's just so weird to me, how we can be happy where we are, but also want something else so bad that when it doesn't happen it hurts. And it's not that you greedily want more, but you truly and sincerely think that this other option would be better for you or your family. I guess that's just life sometimes. 


  1. oh no! that whole situation sucks. i hope you find other serious prospects soon :/

  2. Having the patience to wait for something good that you want is probably one of the hardest things. Keep holding out!

  3. My heart aches for you too, I was so rooting for that house! I just hope the "right time and place" happens soon for you! Maybe you just need to move here where there are lots of houses ;)

  4. that's such a bummer! i'm sure the perfect house is still there waiting for you though :)


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