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New Year, New Hike


We went on a little baby hike yesterday afternoon up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We live right at the base of this canyon and do not take advantage of it as we should. So, we all hopped in the family van and drove up the canyon. We did two tiny hikes: Mill B South and Hidden Falls. Neither of them are really hikes at all. Mill B, is more of just a little stroll, and the Hidden Falls trail was about as long as your typical driveway. These are my kind of hikes! Especially with a bambino.

^^She was a good little hiker. Loves looking around and taking it all in. Also, I think she's almost too big for the Bjorn :( There is plenty of room for her to get taller but not very much room for her buddha belly.^^

^^It didn't actually snow, but google+ made this cute little gif after I uploaded the photo and I liked it, so I wanted to include it.^^

^^Landan, Jordan, and Reagan at Hidden Falls.^^

It was a beautiful day and a great little family adventure. I hope we can do many more just like it this year.


  1. Your little family couldn't be more cute. I just randomly found you on Instagram, started following you, and thought, "Hey! I should check out her blog!" You're adorable. And your little girl is the cutest thing!

  2. so much fun! last year my family went on a hike for new years, there was no snow of course, so i loved it.

  3. I'm always on the lookout for tiny hikes like this! Ever done Buffalo Peak? Awesome views, but really it's just like a half mile stroll with a tiny hill at the top haha. And I totally thought you were magical and captured the snow with your camera for a minute ha.

  4. Reagan is just the cutest thing ever bundled up in the Bjorn! :)

  5. So cute! Just when we thought Ava was outgrowing the baby bjorn we found out we hadn't adjusted the strap thing between her legs that gives more room...maybe yours has that? Anyway, Ava still squeezes in hers and loves it so I wouldn't quit too soon :)

  6. Claire - We've done that. There just really isn't room for her belly. And she's got a big one!


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