I got to photograph this tiny beauty last week. I can't believe I've already forgotten how small babies are when they are born! She was perfectly delicate and a great little sleeper during this shoot. I even caught a few smiles. She has the most beautiful, long, dark eyelashes. I'm definitely envious.

^^She woke up near the end, so we did get to see her eyes a little bit...^^

^^There are a few baby "things" that are my absolute favorite: squinty eyes, wrinkly foreheads, and yawns. It doesn't get better than that.^^

^^Doesn't she look so peaceful? and completely darling?^^

I really like taking pictures of newborns, because I feel so special that I get to spend time with such a perfect little being. Thanks Chris and Heather for letting me take some pictures of your beautiful Ruby!


  1. love that announcement! what a beautiful baby

  2. So darling. What a perfect little newborn shoot!

  3. She is soooo cute! This pics are great, so peaceful

  4. Thanks Corina! We love the pics of our new baby girl!!