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Seven Months Old


What in the world!? A seven month old? What the heck? She's just growing right up. Parenting is a serious time warp.

This little 7 month old is full of personality. She screams and talks, and sits all by herself. She laughs when you make silly faces.

She can eat a jar of baby food in one sitting (sometimes 3 times a day!). She loves eating puffs, and trying to get them into her mouth by herself.

She loves playing with her toys. She got lots of fun ones for Christmas. She loves to empty her little block box and spread the blocks out all over the floor.

She takes about 3 naps a day, about an hour and a half to two hours long, unless we're out and about, then it's less.

She's mega heavy, 20+ pounds and I'm about done with the infant carseat (I'm sure she's past that 22lb carseat limit). It's just too heavy to carry around. We've already bought a new carseat, but haven't installed it yet. I'm kind of dreading getting rid of the portable nap chair, but since she can sit on her own I think we're ready for shopping carts. Church will be one of the bigger challenges without a carseat.

Still no teeth, but if she's anything like me, she wont get any for a long, long time.

Her hair is getting longer and thicker. She doesn't really have a bald spot on the back of her head anymore, and it is getting seriously fluffy on top. We've even occasionally tried a mohawk.

She is just a serious joy to have around. A few weeks ago, we were walking around Target, and Reagan was laughing and talking to me and a lady walked by and told me that Reagan had a sweet disposition. And I couldn't agree more. She is one happy girl.

^^P.S. I love her knuckle dimples.^^


  1. how can she be 7 months!? she is simply the cutest!

  2. Love her little tongue sticking out! She is such a beauty.

  3. 7 months sounds so old! And you must be getting a nice arm workout carrying 20 lbs around! She looks so happy and healthy, can't believe she's so big!

  4. crazy the last time i saw you, you were still pregnant.
    also, i love her eyes, they are so pretty.


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