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I tried to start this quilt last winter and it just about killed me to even think about sewing it, because I was so sick with Reagan. This time around however, I was able to sew the whole quilt top together in a day. What a difference not throwing up every 30 minutes makes! Ha! I think it turned out really pretty. It is definitely one of the biggest quilts I've ever made.

Some of the seams don't match up exactly 100% perfect, but hey! It's homemade, right? I also enjoyed the pinwheel pattern, I had never done anything like that before.

My mother-in-law has a friend with a quilting machine in her basement and she graciously did the quilting for me after it was all pieced together. I love the floral pattern of the quilting.


  1. Is there anything you can't do? It's so so gorgeous.

  2. Pretty!! I have some fabric for a quilt sitting in a corner somewhere. Wish I had some time to get it done!

  3. Cute! I bet Reagan loves looking at all the bright contrasting colors :)

  4. Oh, how I wish I could sew! That is one thing I will NEVER learn how to do. Lookin so good though!!


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