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I, myself, have a love/hate relationship with snow. So it makes total sense that my daughter would too. We ventured out in the snow for the first time today. We put on her cute snowsuit, which she was not a fan of in the house... I think it was much too puffy for her wiggling desires, and then headed outside. She gave snow an honest try.

^^At first she was a bit hesitant...^^

^^But she had to check it out for herself...^^

^^Maybe a little taste, just to really see what this stuff really is...^^

^^And then she slowly fell over and realized that when snow sneaks in between your snow pants and your coat that it is cold!^^

^^Then she totally hated it.^^

^^Get me off of this stuff! Immediately!^^

We'll have to try again another time. And for now, we will stay warm in our house.


  1. stop! these are so stinkin cute!!!!

  2. So cute! Haha I was going to ask if it was the snow suit that she hated (even though it's really cute) or the snow. Maybe a bit of both?


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