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A Day in the Life....


It has been a while since I have done one of these, and today seemed like a great day to share our routine. I think it would kind of be fun to do one of these every 6 months or so, just for the sake of comparison and documentation. It seems like such a fun way to really snapshot (pun intended) our life at this exact moment. Plus, it's actually really hard to get good or interesting photos from my iphone. It's like a challenge.

So without further ado, here is our February 6th, 2014:

Jordan and I have been waking up earlier than usual to exercise. So far we both really hate the waking up part, but by the time the workout is over we're glad we did it. Plus, it's soooo nice not having to worry about doing it later in the day.

Usually Reagan sleeps through our workout. This morning she didn't, so she came out to join us.

After we finish, I go feed Reagan while Jordan gets ready for work.

Then it's time for breakfast, which these days is usually a smoothie. Today it was strawberry, blueberry, almond butter, protein powder, ice, and milk.

Delicious. Then Jordan heads to work. By the time I finish my smoothie, Reagan is more than ready to go back to bed.

So back to bed she goes.

Once she's in bed, I hop back in bed too. I know I probably shouldn't do this. I should probably use my time to get ready, or clean up around the house, or possibly do the dishes, but I'd rather get some more sleep. And do some reading. Here's what I read this morning.

I usually wake up before Reagan does and get caught up on Instagram and my blogs, but today I woke up to the sweetest little voice cooing from the room next door. I went over and found this happy girl. (I know that is quite the impressive collection of binkies, I'm not sure how so many ended up in her crib, but she does like a bit of variety when it comes to binky flavors.)

I hopped in the bath (mostly because I was freezing), while Reagan chilled in the bouncy chair. P.S. look at this.

Afterward Reagan hangs out on the bed while I get dressed.... (the rubber duck is one of her most favorite toys)

...and then moves to the floor while I get ready (note: most days, I don't get very ready).

By this time, she's hungry and letting me know. So she gets to munch on some puffs, today it was the banana variety.

While she's munching, I make a bowl of yogurt, today it was the vanilla variety (always is) with kiwi and walnuts.

After I eat my yogurt, she's ready for something with a little more substance, so she'll get a jar of baby food. Today it was applesauce.

After the baby food, it's time for a bottle.

Once we've eaten, Reagan gets dressed. We wait to get dressed until after she's eaten, for obvious messy-baby-eater reasons. (Sometimes she gets dressed before her nap if we have somewhere to be afterward, but usually she gets dressed after this next nap). First though, a new diaper.

Then, a cute outfit.

Today was a little atypical. We had to go run a quick errand, and we could walk there so we did.

Once we got home, we had a bit of play time.... well as some crawling practice. (She wants to crawl soooo bad, but can't quite figure it out yet, and I'm ok with that...)

And all of that playing and almost-crawling really took it out of her, so down she went for a little nap.

While she was sleeping I did some work on the computer, and got a lunch ready to take to Jordan's office (One of the main reasons why I chose to do today in pictures because we were doing almost the same thing as last time).

On our way! Here she is enjoying her big girl carseat.

It's always fun to have lunch with dad.

On our way home we stopped at Costco for some gas (which I didn't take a picture of, but I'm sure you can imagine). While we were driving home Reagan kindly reminded me that she was getting hungry, so once we got home she got some food.

And then had a little bit of playtime, some with mom....

...and some on her own...

...while I had a snack. This is my favorite snack these days (saltines, with ham, turkey, and cheese).

Reagan played for a little while on the floor too, and then was ready for a nap.

While she napped I hopped on the computer.

Afterward, I folded some laundry and watched some Netflix.

Then Jordan came home from work. Easily, the best time of day. A few minutes after he came home we started making dinner because we knew it would take like 50 minutes, and I was getting hungry.

Part of dinner...

Then Reagan woke up from her nap.

After a quick hello for dad it was time to play with blocks....

...which are probably her favorite toys.

After some playing Reagan wanted food. First, she (fiercely) ate some puffs.

Then, dad fed her some Mixed Greens (which she wasn't entirely a fan of), and gave her a bottle.

Since Reagan was fed and happily playing again and our food was ready, we ate. Dinner tonight was some baked chicken with bacon and lots of mixed roasted veggies.

Reagan was tired of playing so she helped me on the computer for a little bit...

...and then took a bath... her jammies on, and played with dad for a little bit.

After that it was definitely bedtime.

Jordan and I made little tiny ice cream sundaes...

....and plopped ourselves on the couch and watched a few episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix.

Today was pretty good if you ask me!


  1. So fun. I love this post! Also, I forget how often small people eat. Ha ha.

    P.S. Is it too late to send you my address for a Valentine? I was basically dying last week, so I didn't do anything I planned on, including emailing you my address. I'll go it now just in case. :)

  2. your days are a lot more eventful than mine. but i guess a baby does that to ya, huh? haha.
    you guys are such a cute family.
    reagan seems like such a good baby!


  3. The rubber ducky is the best toy at that age! haha, I miss how much they still take naps and stay where you put them ;) You are doing some serious healthy eating, way to go! I love your home made lunchable, so tasty :) Ava loved looking at this with me and seeing all the pics of Reagan

  4. Um, I will just say that I'm seriously impressed with how many fruits and vegetables (and other healthy-type stuff) you fit into your diet each day.

    Go you!

    (Now I feel inspired to stop eating so much junk!)


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