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Hooray!! All of the papers have been signed, and tomorrow afternoon we get our keys! Keys to our house! We're moving in on Saturday!

After a MISERABLE housing search, where we easily looked at over 150 homes, we have purchased one. And I LOVE IT!

We wanted a house with a two car garage, a bathroom in the master bedroom, and a big yard. Check, check, and CHECK! Can you tell I'm a little bit excited?!

Also, I really like that we closed on our first home exactly 3 1/2 years, to the day, after we got married. Happy half-iversary to us!

I'm so excited for this. I'm excited to be a homeowner. To have our own structure. With no one living above, or below us, and our walls are all our own. AND a garage! What a luxury!

I'm ecstatic, elated, and overjoyed.


  1. Congrats on your house!! That is so exciting to finally have a place that is really yours!

  2. Congrats on buying a house. That's such wonderful news. Can't wait to see it.

  3. THAT IS AWESOME NEWS! I bet you can't wait to make your house a home! Corina, you are an amazing wife and mother! I am so excited for you guys to make this new move! Send the address our way, so we can visit! Have a great weekend! ~Laura

  4. Congratulations!! Home buying is such a headache isn't it? We were supposed to close in January, but it got pushed back 3x and we won't close until next week. Can't wait to get our keys too!

  5. Congratulations! That is so exciting!

  6. 150 houses?! Oh my gosh, you have so much patience, good for you! I am SO happy for you, and how fun that it fell on your 3 1/2 year, things like that make it even more special :)

  7. AHHHH i'm so excited for you guys! And awesome finding a place with a big yard!! HOOORAY!

  8. YAAAAY! Congrats Jordan, Corina, and Reagan! I want to come visit!


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