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Eight Months Old


My little Reagan is 8 months old! She is a cute, little, bundle of energy.

She is SO close to crawling, and can't stand it! She wants to crawl SO badly. Just yesterday, she realized how to get her legs underneath her, and now all she needs is to figure out how to go.

She finally mastered rolling, well from her tummy to her back, not back to tummy yet, so I guess mastered might be the wrong word, but it really took her forever to learn that, so I think she deserves to be called a rolling master.

She is wearing 9 month clothes, loves to pull off her socks, has upgraded to a big girl carseat, squeals like a champ, laughs when you surprise her, and loves to clap. The clapping is just about my favorite thing in the world.

Loves eating puffs, and baby food. She loves all of the fruity stuff, and most of the veggies, with the exception of peas (but really, who can blame the girl?). She is also starting to want to taste our food.

She is super great at playing, especially with blocks. Loves her rubber ducky.

She is seriously a crack up. Please observe:

And some close up's of her cute Valentine outfit:

And the knuckle dimples... (plus some buddha belly)

Getting a good picture for the top was almost impossible, (hence the binky in her mouth). Here are a few bloopers, just so you know what I was working with... (plus the rocking part of the rocking chair, is starting to be a challenge in these little photos of ours...)

And there you have it! Miss Reagan Jane, 8 months old.

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  1. So excited for her to crawl! I bet she'll get it in no time! That's so fun that she's a clapper :)


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