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Nine Months Old


My little Reagan turned 9 months old yesterday. In the last month, she has learned how to wave (mostly when she's coming into, or out of the living room, she likes waving to the living room), she has learned how to clap, she has stopped sleeping swaddled, and she likes to feed herself the bottle, while laying on the floor.

This last month she also got her first two teeth. It was pretty miserable. She had a super runny nose, and was soooo fussy. It made me so sad to know she was hurting. After a couple miserable days we finally got some Orajel, and that did the trick. After that, she was a whole new woman.

She is almost crawling, like I mentioned here. And has become quite the proficient scooter.

She makes the most hilarious faces, especially her excited faces (an example below, bottom row in the middle) which are always accompanied with stiff arms in front, and a crazy and loud "EEEEEH" noise.

She just barely started lifting her arms above her head when she wants to be picked up.

These pictures were SO hard to take. I'm amazed at how hard it is getting (why am I trying to take a wiggly baby's picture on a ROCKING chair. Stupid idea.) She kept trying to crawl off the chair (like in the last picture).

And then I tried to get a picture of her teeth, but non of them turned out, so here is a lovely picture of her beautiful blue eyes instead.

I love this beautiful girl!

P.S. We always get asked about the red mark on her nose. It's just a little birth mark. People always think that she bonked her head, or that it is lipstick or food. Nope. Just a cute birth mark. I hardly ever notice it, but I guess other people do.


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