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Ski Date


For Valentine's Day this year, I gave Jordan Sundance lift tickets  (we love the Costco lift ticket deal), and today we took advantage of the wonderful weather and hit the slopes. It was amazing! I'm talking 50 degree weather! And skiing! It was great!

I took my big camera skiing for the first time ever and it was so fun talking pictures of all of the beautiful mountains and snow. (I was so nervous I was going to biff it, and somehow break my camera, or my new lens, but thankfully I didn't.) It was fun to actually get some good pictures though, instead of just iphone pictures like I usually get.

It was such a great day. I sure love that husband of mine. I love spending time with him and I'm glad that we have fun doing things like this together. I had a moment while we were eating our lunch, which we brought from home and ate in the car, nothing fancy, where I just looked over at Jordan and thought this is perfection. It was one of those perfect moments. Quality time with my amazing husband, great skiing, great weather, and a fun little picnic lunch eaten in our ancient '97 Honda Accord, with the windows down. You don't need fancy or extravagant to experience a moment like that. Serious perfection.

All day I also kept looking at all of the little ski bunnies, racing down the mountain, thinking about Reagan, and how I'm so excited to watch her experience things like this. I can't wait to bring her skiing with us, and on trips with us, and to watch her learn and grow and experience all that this beautiful world has to offer her. Even though I had a wonderful time with Jordan, I did miss my little Reagan (who was with Grandma and Grandpa today... thanks for watching her for us!). I love this little family of mine!

P.S. Since this was Jordan's Valentine's Day present, I thought I'd just mention how Jordan completely spoiled me this year for Valentine's. Two days before Valentine's Day, he said, make sure you're not busy at 3 today, and surprised me with a massage. It was wonderful. The next day, some wonderful flowers arrived at my door, and as if that wasn't enough, he also got me a manicure and pedicure. AND to top it all off, all three of them he somehow purchased through affiliates of our Skymiles (which we are saving up for a fun trip in the near future) so my last "present" was over 1000 bonus miles! Haha! It was perfect!


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