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Tracy Aviary and Schmidt's Pastry


Usually Jordan calls me while he's eating his lunch. Today I didn't get a call, and then I heard the garage door open around 12:45. Jordan said he wanted to spend the afternoon with his girls and that he had a little surprise for us. We hopped in the car and headed down to Salt Lake. When we got close I asked if we were going to the Aviary and he said yes and told me about $1 Wednesdays! (I think there's only one left, next Wednesday, if anyone is interested)

^^I loved the flamingos. They are such a funny bird! And of course the peacock was just a beautiful as ever.^^

^^Reagan had THE MOST static-y hair that ever existed, in her stroller. It was worth documenting.^^

^^Such a happy toucan.^^

^^This bird cracked me up. He looked at my camera like, "Are you seriously going to take my picture? Really?"^^

^^This dude is the oldest bird at the Aviary. His name is Andy, and he has a wing span of 10 feet!^^

^^We chased this duck around for a good ten minutes. Poor guy. But he sure was entertaining.^^

^^Besides the flamingos, this was my other favorite bird. Check out those eye lashes! Holy moly! Those things were so long! These birds were also playing with tennis balls, and that was funny.^^

^^Reagan wore her cute new Mary Jane's which we bought from my friend Li-Sha's new Etsy Shop. They are SO cute! (and stay on really well)^^

After the Aviary, we drove just a few blocks south to Schmidt's Pastry, and used a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon we had in our Entertainment book to buy a few treats. I've driven by the Schmidt's Bakery in South Jordan about a million times, but had never been before, until I went to the little tiny one inside of "The Store" in Holladay. It is GOOD! And this time did not disappoint!

We got a s'mores bar, a St. Patrick's glazed donut, and an almond thin, half dipped in chocolate. All of them were delicious.

It was such a great little family outing (especially considering the whole thing cost $3.71!). Now that's my kind of fun!


  1. You guys are so great at doing fun things for cheap! Love your pictures, those birds are so unique!

  2. oh hooray! I love how the shoes look on Reagan! You always have the best pictures.

  3. I just got back from a Utah visit with my family--you have to stop at Les Madeleines bakery in Salt Lake. It's across from the main library downtown and it is the best. So delicious. You will love it.


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