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The Photos that Missed Instagram


1. I was driving home on Legacy the other day when I passed this car almost entirely submerged in water. Oops!

2. Sweet Tooth cupcakes are so pretty! I couldn't resist a picture. I love that red velvet one with the little heart sprinkle on the top.

3. These are my new running shoes. I have signed up and started training for my third half marathon. I'll be running the Legacy Midnight Half in July. I'm excited!

4. Reagan stands up on everything now, but when I took this picture she had just barely started standing up in her crib. I swear cribs must have been designed to help encourage babies to stand up in them (major design flaw!)

1. This one is from our trip to Arizona. I'm sure you could have figured that one out. Because only in Arizona.

2. We recently purchased National Park Passports, and have been stamping up a storm (Ok, just the Grand Canyon, and tons in D.C.).

3. A few Sundays ago, it was a bit chilly outside, Reagan was napping, and Jordan and I were going to put on a movie. Jordan wanted a treat, so he pulled out the tea pot and whipped us up some hot chocolate. I loved the sprinkles he put on top to make it extra special!

4. We were in Provo the day after the Angel Moroni Statue was places on top of the Provo Tabernacle Temple. That thing sure is going to be cool when it's finished!

1. This picture is old news now too, but Reagan has started sleeping when her bum in the air. I love it. It is so cute.

2. I posted this picture on Instagram, but I also wanted to share this one, but couldn't justify posting two almost identical pictures. I love this one though. I sure love that husband of mine.

3. While we were in D.C. we took sufficient advantage of late night room service a few times. It was magnificent.

4. I, being a complete First Class novice, had no idea that in First Class, when they bring you your drinks, it's actually in a real glass! Complete luxury!

1. I snapped this picture a few weeks ago during church. Reagan just seemed so grown up, toddling all around during the lesson.

2. Just for the sake of memorializing holidays, here are Reagan and Jordan's Easter Baskets this year. I love putting Easter baskets together. I think perhaps I would enjoy buying presents more often, if I could always pack them up in a fun basket.

3. I tried SO hard to get a good picture of Reagan wearing Jordan's old sunglasses, but she wouldn't have it. She would lunge towards me every time I tried to take a picture. You can still kind of tell how hilarious it was through the blur, right?

4. Morning cuddles, in our jammies.

1. I had an enlarged print made at Staples for our Church lesson a few weeks ago. I love this quote: "I invite all members of the church to live with ever more attention to the life and example of the Lord Jesus Christ."

2. This picture is crazy. You see all of those specks? THOSE ARE ALL BEES! Our neighbor has bees, but apparently they recently decided they no longer want to live in their special bee box house and instead want to live in the nearby tree. They spent an entire day swarming all around this tree and by the afternoon, there was a complete hive. CRAZY!

3. Jordan's brother in Guatemala sent these pants home, for his brothers. Total MC Hammer pants. Reagan fit just perfectly, like a baby Kangaroo. It was hilarious.

4. Last week, I ventured to City Creek with Reagan and Ava, while Claire attended her cousin's wedding. I had Reagan in the stroller, and Ava in the Bjorn, and while this was only two babies, every time I saw my reflection I couldn't help but think, "I have 5 million babies right now." Luckily they were both very manageable, and Mormon weddings are very short.

P.S. I want to be Instagram friends! My account is @Corina_Sorensen, come find me!

Around the house.... And Lately...


^^Last night we had a fun get together at our house with some old roommates. Everyone's lives are moving at a million miles per hour it seems like, and in a million different directions, so it's hard to get together very often, but we try every once in a while. Jamie and Cole came down from Idaho for this one which was so fun. I loved catching up with everyone, and seeing the babies!^^

^^Reagan loves standing up on EVERYTHING! But her favorite just might be this filing cabinet.^^

^^I gave Jordan some plant starters for Easter, and our plants have just started to break the surface. It's so exciting! This is Basil.^^

^^My colorful bowl collection is growing. I picked up two new ones last week.^^

^^Our apple tree has some beautiful blossoms on it right now. I've heard that means we will get some good apples this year. Hopefully that's true!^^

^^This girl always makes such fun wreaths, and she recently made a fun spring one. I wanted to give it a try myself. Here is the result. I think I like it!^^

^^A few weeks ago my Mother-in-law and I ventured to the local nursery to buy plants for the 3 pots I have on our front porch. I LOVE how they turned out. Every time I see them it makes me happy. I hope I can keep them alive!^^

^^It's high time for a new sewing project! I love picking out and buying new fabric. There are so many colorful and fun options. All of this fabric is for the new comforter I'm making for our bed. I can't wait to get started.^^

^^Baby toys every where all over the house, always.^^

^^I ordered two new books last week, our wedding book (finally after 3.7 years) and another one about Reagan's birth. I love these books. I have another one in the works too, which I can't wait to finish and order.^^

Reagan's First Easter


She is quite possibly the cutest little Easter bunny I ever saw. Do you agree?

She wasn't so sure about the whole Easter thing at first, considering she boycotted sleeping the night before, but once she realized what was going on, I think she had a change of heart.

My mom bought this dress for her a few months ago, and it has been sitting in her closet for this very occasion. To go along with her cute dress, she wore some super cute shoes from this etsy shop.

And a couple of family photo attempts to finish it off:

Washington, D.C. | Day 7 (and Bonus 8)

Friday was supposed to be our last day in D.C. I knew I wanted to go see the blossoms again, so we headed over there and had another picnic lunch.

I really tried to relish these last few moments with these amazing blossoms.

We tried really hard to get a good family picture, preferably with Reagan smiling, but she refused. Here is the closest we got.

We were on a pretty tight time schedule, so right after lunch we headed back to the hotel, to catch the shuttle to the airport. When we got to our gate, after checking in and security, we found out that our flight was overbooked. We had always wanted to volunteer to get bumped, and get that free travel voucher, so I went and told the gate agent that we had a flexible travel schedule. She was thrilled. At first, we were hoping that we would still be able to get a flight home later that day, but she told us we wouldn't be able fly out until the next day, and that Delta would pay for a hotel that night. Oh and we would have to fly to JFK (first class!), and have a bit of a layover there and then we would be headed home. Our layover was 7 hours! Essentially we got an extra day of vacation, and in New York City!

Jordan had never been to NYC before, so I started to think about what I wanted to show him. He said mostly he wanted to see Times Square, and go to a Yankees game. Well, one of those was doable.

^^I snapped this picture as we were flying out of D.C. I love it. I'm glad I was on the right side of the plane to get this shot!^^

We definitely hit the ground running. We took a taxi to Macy's, and then walked up to Times Square, with a stop for some pizza for lunch along the way.

^^This lucky baby has been to NYC twice in her 10 months of life!^^

We stopped in Times Square for a little bit, and then headed over to Rockefeller Center. The night before we had purchased tickets for the Top of the Rock Observatory.

By the way all of the employees at the Top of the Rock were SUPER nice to us, with Reagan in her stroller. We got to skip a number of very long lines and go right to the front. It was wonderful!

We had clear air, and wonderful blue skies. What a view!

The whole time we were there we kept saying how it didn't really feel like we were there. I just kept thinking, "How did I get here?" It was so spontaneous.

After Top of the Rock, we went down to see the skating rink and through the NBC Store over to Magnolia Bakery where we were hoping to get some Banana Pudding, but sadly they were out, so we settled for a flour-less chocolate cake for Jordan and a blueberry crisp for me, both of which were very tasty! After Magnolia we got a taxi and headed back to the airport, to actually head home this time.

This trip was completely amazing! It was so nice to spend a week of uninterrupted time with that husband of mine, who I completely adore. It was great to spend so much time as a family, exploring new things together. And it was so great that Reagan slept so well in the hotels, and napped pretty good in her stroller. She's a great go-with-the-flow baby.
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