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Around the house.... And Lately...


^^Last night we had a fun get together at our house with some old roommates. Everyone's lives are moving at a million miles per hour it seems like, and in a million different directions, so it's hard to get together very often, but we try every once in a while. Jamie and Cole came down from Idaho for this one which was so fun. I loved catching up with everyone, and seeing the babies!^^

^^Reagan loves standing up on EVERYTHING! But her favorite just might be this filing cabinet.^^

^^I gave Jordan some plant starters for Easter, and our plants have just started to break the surface. It's so exciting! This is Basil.^^

^^My colorful bowl collection is growing. I picked up two new ones last week.^^

^^Our apple tree has some beautiful blossoms on it right now. I've heard that means we will get some good apples this year. Hopefully that's true!^^

^^This girl always makes such fun wreaths, and she recently made a fun spring one. I wanted to give it a try myself. Here is the result. I think I like it!^^

^^A few weeks ago my Mother-in-law and I ventured to the local nursery to buy plants for the 3 pots I have on our front porch. I LOVE how they turned out. Every time I see them it makes me happy. I hope I can keep them alive!^^

^^It's high time for a new sewing project! I love picking out and buying new fabric. There are so many colorful and fun options. All of this fabric is for the new comforter I'm making for our bed. I can't wait to get started.^^

^^Baby toys every where all over the house, always.^^

^^I ordered two new books last week, our wedding book (finally after 3.7 years) and another one about Reagan's birth. I love these books. I have another one in the works too, which I can't wait to finish and order.^^


  1. I LOVE your wreath! I meant to tell you how eye catching it was as soon as we pulled up to your house :) so beautiful! Wish we lived closer to do crafts and stuff together!

  2. a new comforter! brave! i made one for Dallin for his birthday last year and quilted it by hand. hahaha, it took me about 9 months to finally finish it :)
    and i love those books! i just did our wedding book as well, after 5 years and i love it. where do you do yours?


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