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Ten Months Old


This sweet girl turned 10 months on Sunday. This month she learned so much! So claps and waves, and clicks her tongue. She crawls! She stands up, in her crib, on chairs, holding our hands..etc. She loves to eat tortillas, and have a bite of anything we're eating.

She's almost too big for 12 month clothes, but we haven't made the jump to 18 month clothes yet.

She has started to fake cry occasionally. It's pretty silly.

She makes lots of silly faces, including fish faces, and scrunching up her nose.

I sure love this baby, and can't believe that in two months she'll be 1!

She's awesome.

She did NOT want to sit in the chair for these pictures. She wanted to stand in the rocking chair, terrifying her mother. When we tried to get her to sit, she would get really mad, hence the mad/sad faces in a few of these pictures.

Also this has started:


  1. She's so cute!! I love the chair she's sitting on (where did you get it??) and I love that last picture, lol.

  2. i am dying at that last picture! i can't believe how big reagan is! it seriously seems like you just had her.

  3. She definitely looks so much older to me this month! Can't wait to see you both soon!


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