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The Photos that Missed Instagram


1. I was driving home on Legacy the other day when I passed this car almost entirely submerged in water. Oops!

2. Sweet Tooth cupcakes are so pretty! I couldn't resist a picture. I love that red velvet one with the little heart sprinkle on the top.

3. These are my new running shoes. I have signed up and started training for my third half marathon. I'll be running the Legacy Midnight Half in July. I'm excited!

4. Reagan stands up on everything now, but when I took this picture she had just barely started standing up in her crib. I swear cribs must have been designed to help encourage babies to stand up in them (major design flaw!)

1. This one is from our trip to Arizona. I'm sure you could have figured that one out. Because only in Arizona.

2. We recently purchased National Park Passports, and have been stamping up a storm (Ok, just the Grand Canyon, and tons in D.C.).

3. A few Sundays ago, it was a bit chilly outside, Reagan was napping, and Jordan and I were going to put on a movie. Jordan wanted a treat, so he pulled out the tea pot and whipped us up some hot chocolate. I loved the sprinkles he put on top to make it extra special!

4. We were in Provo the day after the Angel Moroni Statue was places on top of the Provo Tabernacle Temple. That thing sure is going to be cool when it's finished!

1. This picture is old news now too, but Reagan has started sleeping when her bum in the air. I love it. It is so cute.

2. I posted this picture on Instagram, but I also wanted to share this one, but couldn't justify posting two almost identical pictures. I love this one though. I sure love that husband of mine.

3. While we were in D.C. we took sufficient advantage of late night room service a few times. It was magnificent.

4. I, being a complete First Class novice, had no idea that in First Class, when they bring you your drinks, it's actually in a real glass! Complete luxury!

1. I snapped this picture a few weeks ago during church. Reagan just seemed so grown up, toddling all around during the lesson.

2. Just for the sake of memorializing holidays, here are Reagan and Jordan's Easter Baskets this year. I love putting Easter baskets together. I think perhaps I would enjoy buying presents more often, if I could always pack them up in a fun basket.

3. I tried SO hard to get a good picture of Reagan wearing Jordan's old sunglasses, but she wouldn't have it. She would lunge towards me every time I tried to take a picture. You can still kind of tell how hilarious it was through the blur, right?

4. Morning cuddles, in our jammies.

1. I had an enlarged print made at Staples for our Church lesson a few weeks ago. I love this quote: "I invite all members of the church to live with ever more attention to the life and example of the Lord Jesus Christ."

2. This picture is crazy. You see all of those specks? THOSE ARE ALL BEES! Our neighbor has bees, but apparently they recently decided they no longer want to live in their special bee box house and instead want to live in the nearby tree. They spent an entire day swarming all around this tree and by the afternoon, there was a complete hive. CRAZY!

3. Jordan's brother in Guatemala sent these pants home, for his brothers. Total MC Hammer pants. Reagan fit just perfectly, like a baby Kangaroo. It was hilarious.

4. Last week, I ventured to City Creek with Reagan and Ava, while Claire attended her cousin's wedding. I had Reagan in the stroller, and Ava in the Bjorn, and while this was only two babies, every time I saw my reflection I couldn't help but think, "I have 5 million babies right now." Luckily they were both very manageable, and Mormon weddings are very short.

P.S. I want to be Instagram friends! My account is @Corina_Sorensen, come find me!


  1. The BEES!! that's so crazy. You guys are getting fancier than I remember...first class and room service? way to go :)

  2. I bought my husband that cilantro seed kit too and it just starting growing! It's so fun!


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