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Washington, D.C. | Day 1

We got to D.C. at about 11pm on Friday night. It was kind of great because 11pm really only felt like 9pm to our Utah bodies, and Jordan still got to work on Friday. Reagan did so awesome on the flight. She slept in my arms for about an hour and a half. (P.S. I LOVE it when she sleeps in my arms. It is a really rare occurrence, so it is definitely special.) When we had our bags, we took the shuttle from the airport to the hotel.

When we started planning this trip, we had heard that Crystal City was a great place to stay because it has easy access to the Metro, and it is relatively cheap, so we tried to find something there, but ended up staying in Pentagon City at the Sheraton. All of the hotels in Crystal City were $160-$215+/night and the Sheraton was only $98! Score! I was so excited (still am!) about the money we saved on our hotel.

We ended up really liking this hotel. Our room was actually really nice (they accidentally put us on the club level), and they had a real crib for Reagan (as opposed to a Pack'n'Play, I don't like hotel Pack'n'Plays...). The best part about this hotel, was their shuttle system. It ran to the Pentagon City Mall and Metro Station every 30 minutes (but it was more like every 15 minutes we noticed), and they picked up at that location too, every 30 (15) minutes as well. The shuttle ride was only about 5 minutes. We learned later that some hotels make you reserve spots on their shuttles 24 hours in advance, and if you don't, you have to wait hours or take a taxi. Anyway, the Sheraton in Pentagon City was wonderful. Highly recommend.

Our first full day in D.C., we took the Metro into town, and got off at the Smithsonian stop. We kind of just wanted to get our bearings a little bit, so we wandered down the National Mall to the Lincoln Memorial.

This Memorial is seriously so cool! I could have spent hours there, just snapping pictures and people watching.  From Lincoln we wandered to the Vietnam Memorial, and then over to the Memorial to the 56 signer of the Declaration of Independence.

From there, we walked up to the White House. Side note: While we were walking over to the White House, Reagan got a bloody nose. It was so weird! I didn't know babies could get bloody noses (I'm not sure why they couldn't, I just hadn't ever heard of it happening, and it was her first one ever). It was freaky. Thankfully it stopped relatively quickly.

After the White House, we headed to Shake Shack for lunch. MMMM! Love that place. This was Jordan's first time, and I think he approved, because we ended up going 3 times on this trip.  Then we walked over to the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

Reagan looks slightly terrified in this photo, it was pretty bright, but also really windy. Silly girl! After this we walked across the street to the National Mall, and let Reagan crawl around in the grass a little bit. She loved this, since she had been in her stroller pretty much all day. We tried to let her play in the grass whenever we could.

^^Jordan tried to take our picture and Reagan did this funny pose. It's like she was growling and showing her claws. We thought it was funny.^^

From here, we went to the Natural History Smithsonian, where we spent almost the rest of our day. We looked at the whole museum with the exception of one exhibit, which we went back to see a few days later.

^^I didn't take very many pictures inside of the museums, but here we have a mineral rainbow, which I thought was very pretty, and then the 45 carrot Hope Diamond. ^^

After the Natural History Museum we rode the Metro back to the Pentagon City Mall, where we went to dinner at Nando's.

It was a great first day in our nation's capitol!


  1. Reagan is SO CUTE! Looks like she was quite the happy baby! Your pictures are great and I'm so glad you found a great hotel and transportation - that can make things really stressful! Shake shack pictures make me drool every time...

  2. i am seriously loving reagan's overalls! and i've promised myself that one day i'll make it out to the east coast and try shake shack. seriously looks so good!


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