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Washington, D.C. | Day 2

The second day of our trip started with a longer Metro ride out to New Carrolton, where our friend Nile (Jordan and Nile grew up in the same ward. Jordan's dad was Young Men's President when Nile was a priest.), picked us up and took us out to Annapolis, graciously showed us around and gave us lunch! It was wonderful! Annapolis was seriously stunning.

^^We walked down to the docks, and then over to the Naval Academy. Unfortunately, we couldn't go inside of the chapel, but I did peak through the windows, and it looked really beautiful, really huge, and beautiful.^^

Annapolis was completely charming. I wish we could have spent more time there! Everything had fun pops of color and an older charm.

While we were walking around, I stopped at Kilwins and bought some treats.

^^I bought 3 chocolate covered carmels and 2 carmel covered oreos, drizzled in chocolate. All of it was divine.^^

After Annapolis, Nile took us to the Greenbelt Metro Station, where we rode straight to the National's stadium, for a baseball game. The National's were playing the Braves.

^^We were literally on the very tip top row. Ha! I don't mind the cheap seats.^^

Afterward, we took the Metro up to the Cleveland Park stop, and walked the 1 mile to 2Amys for dinner. The walk to the restaurant was in the coolest neighborhood. We tried to imagine what it would be like to live in one of those awesome houses. We couldn't quite picture it.

^^Reagan usually doesn't mind lemons, but this one was apparently pretty sour. ^^

Dinner was great. We got an order of Suppli a Telephono (which we non-italian speakers thought was a seriously funny name for a food), and a Norcia pizza (which had a bit of a growth, see picture above). It was all tasty!

We walked by the Washington Monument after dinner over to the World War II Memorial. The Washington Monument was closed while we were there, but I was really happy that the scaffolding was all off! They had started taking it down in phases at the beginning of the year, and the last little bit was taken off right before we got there.

From the WWII Memorial we went down to the Lincoln Memorial again, because we wanted to see it lit up at night.

^^The flight path into Ronald Reagan goes right over the Lincoln Memorial, which made for some fun long exposure shots. Also, a whole class of glow-stick holding middle schoolers walked by, which also made for a neat long exposure shot.^^

Another great day in the books!

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  1. Great pics! Wish I've been to MD more, it looks so cute! And you'd think the Washington Monument would make you look short but it actually makes you look really tall! haha


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